Meet our speakers

In order of scheduled appearance.


Maggie Johnson

VP, Education and Research Operations 

Google Keynote

Maggie will provide an overview of Google Research and speak directly about the PhD Fellowship program with inspiring words on the potential impact you have as researchers.


Jeff Dean

Google Senior Fellow and SVP, Research and Health

Virtual Fireside Chat

Hear about a SVP’s journey to leading Google Research with insight into the organization's work and priorities. Ask any questions you may have for Jeff via the Dory and he will answer them live during this session.


Igor Bilogrevic

Research Scientist, Privacy and Data Protection

A Study on the Use of Checksums for Integrity Verification of Web Downloads

App stores provide access to millions of different programs that users can download on their computers. Developers can also make their programs available for download on their websites and host the program files either directly on their website or on third-party platforms. In this study, we provide the first comprehensive assessment of the usability and effectiveness of the manual checksum verification process.


Alex Hanna

Research Scientist, Google Brain

An Introduction to Algorithmic Fairness

Researchers and practitioners from various disciplines have highlighted the ethical challenges posed by the use of ML models and other data-driven systems. This talk covers an overview of ethics and fairness issues observed over due to algorithmic bias, absence of training data, and methods of addressing fairness and bias in ML systems.


Andreina Reyna

Software Engineer, Accessibility

Lookout: Computer vision app for users with visual impairments

Learn how ML research can be applied to solving problems in accessibility with a deep dive on Lookout, an android app which uses computer vision to help users with visual impairments interpret the world around them.



Lauren Wilcox

Research Lead, Google Wellbeing Lab

Preparing for a Career in Academia

This talk will help you understand what to expect as you navigate academic faculty positions, including some tips on how to navigate the academic job market and how to set yourself up for success once you've chosen a faculty job.


Nicolas Papernot

Research Scientist, Google Brain

Preparing for a Career in Industry

This talk will help you understand what to expect of research positions in industry, including some tips on how to navigate the job market and how to set yourself up for success once you've chosen a company to join.


Vincent Vanhoucke

Director, Robotics at Google

Research and Engineering Careers for PhDs in Industry

I will talk about the various career paths open to PhDs in industry, why one may want to pick one direction over another, or maybe ... not have to choose at all! I'll discuss some of the pros and cons of engineering vs research-centered careers over the long run, and what questions one may want to consider when faced with such important and very personal decisions.


Cory Silvear

Research Intern Recruiter, People Operations

Research Internships for PhD Fellows

Learn about Google's Research Internship program. Cory Silvear from the Intern recruiting team will provide an overview of the intern process specifically tailored for Google PhD Fellows, and will answer your questions live.



Kate Callahan

Recruiter, People Operations

PhD Recruiting Process

Learn about the recruiting process for PhD candidates looking for full-time roles at Google. Kate Callahan from the PhD University Graduate recruiting team will provide an overview of the full-time hiring process and answer any questions.


Aparna Taneja

Software Engineer, Earth Observation Science

Mapping the World

I will talk about my past efforts as part of the Google Maps team, to improve search quality of Maps, particularly making search resilient to incomplete/incorrect basemap data and natural language queries. I will also speak about my current project in Google Research as part of the Earth Observation Science team, to apply Machine Learning to Geoscience problems using satellite imagery, to enable further research in the environmental domain.


Boqing Gong

Research Scientist, Cerebra

Towards Visual Recognition in the Wild: Long-Tailed Sources and Open Compound Targets

In this talk, I will present our recent work on long-tailed visual recognition and open compound domain adaptation. The former aims to learn high-quality, unbiased deep classifiers from the training sets of long-tailed distributions over classes, and the latter improves the models' robustness in handling out-of-domain data in the wild. We develop novel methods by drawing inspiration from meta-learning, memory networks, adversarial training, and curriculum learning.


Heiga Zen

Research Scientist, Google Brain

Generative Model-Based Speech Synthesis

Recent progress in generative modeling has improved the naturalness of synthesized speech significantly. In this talk I will summarize these generative model-based approaches for speech synthesis and describe possible future directions.