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Apps featuring time, creativity and analytics

This bonus category is in addition to your normal selection of Deployment, Educator Training or Anayltics services.


With qualifying purchases, customers are eligible for 5 or more teacher licenses of one of the following: Pear Deck, Screencastify, Book Creator, Classcraft, BookWidgets, DOGOnews.

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Want to get the most out of Google Classroom and Chromebooks? Classcraft’s deep Google integrations enable teachers to transform their existing lessons into personalized adventures, convert grades from Google Classroom assignments into Classcraft points, and easily include Google Drive files across the platform. 

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Screencastify is a suite of video-creation tools for the classroom. Designed with Chromebooks in mind, our tools make it easy for teachers and their students to record, edit, and share videos.


The district version of Book Creator (a simple way for students and teachers to document their learning through the creation of ebooks) includes 1000 books for each teacher to use with their students, real-time collaboration, co-teacher support and usage analytics - everything you need to bring creativity into your classrooms!

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With BookWidgets, teachers can create interactive exercises and automatically graded assignments. Think about digital crossword riddles, flashcards, interactive worksheets with over 30 different question formats, and much more. The reporting dashboard will save you grading time and allows you to give constructive feedback. Even better is that you can now do this right from within Google Classroom.

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Supercharge reading, comprehension and critical thinking skills with DOGOnews PRO and PRO PLUS, the leading source of bilingual content for ELA, Science and Social Studies. Both plans include assignments - reading comprehension, vocabulary in context, critical thinking challenges and quizzes - fully integrated with Google Classroom.

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Pear Deck helps teachers create powerful learning moments for students of every age and ability with tech solutions rooted in sound pedagogical practice and formative assessment. Founded by educators, Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to create and distribute interactive presentations with real-time formative assessment insights from within Google Slides.