Live Sessions

🔴Watch the first Live Stream for a walkthrough of the first week’s study resources. 

🔴Watch the second Live Stream for questions and answers

Week 1 Schedule : 

  1. Let's get started!
  2. Let’s install Flutter:
  3. While you're installing...
  4. If you are coming from another SDK or language, check out these conversion guides.
  5. And finally....
  6. Still have questions, check out the FAQ

Done? Let's get down to business! 
It’s time to build your first Flutter app. Check out these two codelabs to get started. If you have any questions we will briefly discuss them in our first Live Session on Monday!  

Question of the Week

You may have a lot of questions already, but we have a fun one for you to start!
  🤔“Flutter is an open source technology, but was born at Google. When was the first public commit made for Flutter?”
If you think you know the answer, share it with us #30DaysOfFlutter on Twitter. 😉 

Further Reading 

This is a lot of stuff already and enough for this week! However, if you’re still looking for more, check out these docs on how Layouts and Constraints work in Flutter.  
Check out the articles for beginners on the Flutter Community Medium.  

#30DaysOfFlutter is a joint effort between the Flutter team and the Flutter Community.