Welcome to the 2nd week of #30DaysOfFlutter!

Reminder, this is a self learning journey. Spend 1 hour everyday to study the learning materials, and join the live session on Wednesdays.

🔴 Live Session - 10th February, 9 AM PST. 

What to expect in the live session?

  • Answer your questions live.
  • Live coding : Theme: Animations and UI.
  • We’ll start from 0 (do a flutter create) and create a simple UI that functions as scaffolding for some data or functionality we’ll be adding later.

Self Study Materials 

Onward Journey For Beginners

Want to know how to leverage the full power of Flutter's Material components to create beautiful UIs? Try building an ecommerce app in these codelabs from the Material team:

Further Reading

For more advanced journey :  


Check out these study materials in Hindi and Arabic or join a study group in Spanish.