Week 3 content

Welcome to the 3rd week of #30DaysOfFlutter! Reminder, this is a self learning journey. Spend 1 hour everyday to study the learning materials, and join the live session on Wednesdays.  

🔴 Live Session - February 17th at 9 AM PST: - Add to calendar 

  • Live Q&A with Tim Sneath.
  • Live Coding Example: API Network communication and JSON.
    • We’ll pick up where we last left off to add some simple networking calls. 
    • This week, we’ll take a look at adding some data about SpaceX rockets from a real API using HTTP and JSON deserialization! We’ll also update our UI to make everything pop a little more and have a quick look at how we can use plugins to give our app some cool new features.
  • Q&A with the community panel. 

Self Study Materials

Further Reading  
Adding animation to your app

You can also watch some videos here