Rules for availing the prizes

To earn prizes in the program, you need to complete either of the track!

See the tracks and the prizes associated with them below. We will record your progress on a daily basis and will evaluate it at the end of the program i.e. 29th October 11:59 PM IST.

You will receive more information on how to avail your Google Cloud goodies after the program ends ONLY if you are eligible for prizes.

See the FAQs section for more information on prizes.

You can earn the prize* given below by completing all the labs and getting all skill badges that are part of either of the given tracks in the program syallabus i.e. Cloud Engineering Track or Data Science and Machine Learning Track.

Note: Only the skill badge completions after your enrolment date will be counted. Any skill badges completed before that won't be taken into account for this.

Prize Tshirt
Prize Stickers

You can earn the prize* given alongside by completing all the skill badges from both the tracks (Cloud Engineering Track and Data Science & Machine Learning Track) that are part of the program.

Note: This prize is not in addition to the above mentioned prizes on completing individual tracks.

Prize Tshirt
Prize. Bag
Prize Bottle
Prize Stickers