In the event we will introduce you to Google's monetization products, particularly AdSense and AdMob, and also share an overview on our program policies.  

Google AdSense helps you easily make money from your website. If you're a small publisher, AdSense offers a simple and free way to turn your passion into profit. By placing targeted ads next to your content, you'll automatically earn money when the ads are seen or clicked.
Google AdMob helps you earn revenue from in-app ads. With a variety of ad formats including video, native, interstitials and banners, AdMob gives you lots of choices to make money from your app while providing the best user experience possible.

And that's not it! We know that technology 
today is evolving at great speed, and it's tough staying updated. We will share resources to help you get started- best practices, tools & techniques for you to dive into the world of online publishing!

So whether you're already publishing today, or are excited to kick off with your first website and/or mobile app, the sessions serve as a guide on how to turn your passion into profit!


30th August - 09th September, 2016


Karachi. Islamabad. Lahore.
Topi. Gujrat.