Welcome to the Google Partners Adriatics hub - you are at the right place to become #ADRIGoogleExpert

We are organizing a special kind of marathon for you - Full House Certification Marathon so you can show off your skills and get AdWords certified across Search, Display, Mobile and Video Advertising.

We we help you get to the finish line and reward all those who make it.


Just register here and follow the steps below!

Full certification steps
  • To help you suceed we will organize certification trainings
  • Check out the trainings schedule and register
  • You can also check out Exam study guides
  • Pass all 5 AdWords exams:
  1. AdWords Fundamentals 
  2. Search Advertising
  3. Display advertising
  4. Mobile Advertising
  5. Video Advertising
  • If you have passed all exams and made it to step 3, congrats - you have successfuly become #GoogleExpert and now the sweet part comes
  • All individuals who pass all 5 AdWords exams by end of May will be awarded with a Sony Mobile Smartband
  • Please carefully read Terms and Conditions here
  • Every agency needs an AdWords expert and with passing all 5 exams, you are now officialy one of them
  • Use the skills and knowledge and help you agency gain status of Google partner