Meet our speakers

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Amit Chopra

Program Manager Agency Program, Google, LinkedIn

Amit Chopra leads the Google Developers Agency Program. He has been with Google for the past 4 years, prior to which he worked at Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Sun Microsystems in various roles. When not working, he loves to spend time cooking and baking with his two daughters. 

Paul Saxman

Developer Advocate, Google

Paul leads developer relations for Android Wear, TV, Auto and media, and is therefore focused on teaching developers how to bring their apps to as many screens, with the least amount of work, as possible. He is an champion of excellent design, and is passionate about putting users (developers and end-users) first when developing software. Paul has been involved in a variety of projects in his seven years at Google; however, Android has always been a big part of his work and hobbies.

Martin Aguinis

Marketing Manager, Google, Twitter

Martin is part of the Google Developer Marketing team and currently leads Marketing for Flutter. He was previously in the YouTube team working on VR. Before Google, Martin started several successful businesses in the events and ride sharing space. He is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and loves to travel.

Wm Leler

Senior Software Engineer, Google, Medium

Developer Advocate for Flutter and Dart. Before Google, Wm started several successful computer companies. He wrote a seminal book on computer languages and another book on 3D computer graphics. Wm created the first computer generated hologram. He is also an avid traveler.

Steven Sonneff

Product Manager - Identity, Google, LinkedIn

Steven is product manager for Google's developer APIs for authentication, including Google Sign-In and Smart Lock for Passwords. He previously worked as an engineer on Android apps at Google, did development at several start-up companies, and wrote the original Facebook Android SDK launched in 2010.


Kevin Fives

Google Play Business Development, Google

Kevin has spent the last 7 years at Google and currently works on Google Play’s Business Development team. He previously helped lead Google Play's startup initiatives in North America and is now focused on helping the world's largest Media brands create successful businesses on Android. As the lead for the Sports & Events categories, he is heavily involved in video, fantasy sports, eSports, direct to consumer services, and living room initiatives, such as Android TV, VR & AR. Prior to Play, Kevin worked in a Strategy and Operations role for Google. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Joel T Newman

Product Specialist, Google Play Console, Twitter

Joel is a Product Specialist on the Google Play Apps Business Development team, where he focuses on the Play Console. Joel has been at Google for 6.5 years in a variety of mobile- and app-centric partnership roles. Prior to his time at Google, Joel worked in a variety of industries including publishing, automotive and the peforming arts.

Sean McQuillan

Developer Advocate, Google

Sean has a decade of experience as a startup engineer in San Francisco where he learned how to build successful apps. Sean is passionate about building high quality products - quickly.

Sara Robinson

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud, Twitter

Sara is a Developer Advocate on Google's Cloud Platform team, focusing on big data and machine learning. She helps developers build awesome apps through demos, online content, and events. Sara has a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Studies from Brandeis University and before Google she was a Developer Advocate on the Firebase team. When she's not programming she can be found on a spin bike, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, or finding the best ice cream in New York.

Raj Ajrawat

Product Specialist, Android Platform, Google, Twitter

Raj is a Product Specialist on the Google Play Business Development team for the Android Platform. He covers products such as Android Instant Apps, Android Go, and Android OS releases.

Mike McDonald

Product Manager, Firebase, Google, Twitter, Github

Mike helps developers build better mobile apps as a product manager and iOS engineer on the Firebase team. Mike has been working on Firebase for three years, and has worked developing iOS apps at the Omni Group and building microprocessors at Texas Instruments. In his free time, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors, cooking, and hacking on embedded hardware.

Sachin Kotwani

Product Manager, Firebase, Google, Twitter

Sachin is a Product Manager at Google with a special passion for making software development easy and fun. He has worked on several teams at Google, including Cloud, Play, and now Firebase. Prior to that, he has held roles in Finance and Strategy & Ops. His hobbies include traveling with his family, chasing his daughter around the house, and tinkering with mobile apps and backends

Jeffrey Posnick

Developer Programs Engineer, Google, Twitter

Jeff is a member of the Web DevRel team, based in NYC. His mission is to build libraries to simplify building Progressive Web Apps.

Chris Reade

Partner Technology Manager, Actions on Google, LinkedIn

Chris a Partner Technology Manager for Actions on Google. In his role, he helps people outside Google bring new integrations and experiences to the Google Assistant's 3rd party platform. He also is a part of the operations team for Actions on Google, overseeing technical support and policy and quality review processes. Directly before coming to Google, Chris was a 2015 Code for America Fellow.

Emilie Roberts 

Developer Relations Engineer, Google

Emilie helps developers make their android apps awesome.

Michael Finkler

Partner Technology Manager, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter

Michael is a Partner Technology Manager for Dialogflow (fka API.AI), focusing on strategic growth and helping partners build conversational interfaces. Michael joined Google in 2013 where, prior to Dialogflow, has worked on machine learning platforms. He has over a decade of experience leading engineering teams and developing software.


Kenneth Ford

Developer Advocate, Google, Twitter

Kenneth is a Developer Advocate on the Partnerships team where he helps the top Android apps become better.

David Scannell

Developer Advocate, Google

David has help launch over 50 Instant Apps looks forward to seeing more come online. He has been a Developer Advocate at Google for 3 years, and prior to that worked at a variety of Toronto based startups.

Lyla Fujiwara

Developer Advocate, Android

Lyla Fujiwara is an Android Developer Advocate at Google. Prior to joining Google, she worked at Udacity on the Android team, where she taught introductory to advanced Android and Firebase content to over a hundred thousand developers. She's a returned Peace Corps volunteer and has taught and lived on three continents.