AI/ML Workshop at Google India

March 16, 2018 8:00 - 19:15

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Google India, Bengaluru, India

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AI/ML Research and Practice in India 

This is a one day, invite-only workshop on AI and ML bringing together a cross-section of the AI and ML community in India, including leading faculty, researchers and industry practitioners from both startups and bigger companies. A selection of worldwide researchers and engineers from Google have also been invited.


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Keynote Speakers

We've invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak about their latest work in AI/ML and related areas. 


Prabhakar Raghavan 

VP, Apps, Google Cloud

Jeff Dean

Google Senior Fellow, Head of Google Brain 

Roberto Bayardo

Distinguished Software Engineer, Google

Rajen Sheth

Director, Product Management

Program Chairs

Anand Rangarajan, Director of Engineering, Google India   
Pankaj Gupta, Director of Engineering, Google India

Program Committee 

  • Ashish Tendulkar, ML Engineer, Google India 
  • B Ravindran, IIT Madras
  • Gopalan Sivathanu, Research team lead in Google Bangalore
  • Mausam, IIT Delhi
  • Manish Gupta, CEO, Videoken
  • Mayur Datar, Chief Scientist, Flipkart  
  • Rahul Sami, Staff Software Engineer, Google India
  • Sunita Sarawagi, IIT Bombay
  • Varun Gulshan , Research Scientist, Google India 
Organizing Committee
  • Ashwani Sharma, Head of University Relations - India and Europe, Google Zurich
  • Divy Thakkar, University Relations, Google India  

Topics at the workshop 

  • Deep Learning 
  • Computer Vision 
  • Reinforcement Learning 
  • Natural Language Processing 
  • ML Systems 
  • Generative Models 
Timeline Event
8.00 AM Breakfast
8:50 AM Opening
9 AM Jeff Dean's Keynote: Deep Learning to Solve
Challenging Problems
9:30 AM Prabhakar's Keynote: Reinventing productivity
using AI
10:00 AM Roberto's keynote: G Suite Search and
10:20 AM Rajen's Keynote: Cloud AI
10: 40 AM Announcements
10:45 AM Coffee Break
11: 15 AM Session 1: Deep Learning
12:15 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Session 2: NLP
2:15 PM Panel Discussion
2:45 PM Session 3: ML Systems 
3:45 PM Coffee Break
4:15 PM Session 4: Computer Vision
5:15 PM Session 5: Generative Models, Reinforcement Learning 
6:15 PM Closing Remarks 
6:30 PM Dinner 



Session 1: Deep Learning (1 hour, 10 mins for each talk, 10 mins QnA)
Moderator: Sunita Sarawagi

Name  Affliation Proposed Talk
Balaraman Ravindran IIT Madras Structure in Deep RL
Sunita Sarwagi IIT Bombay Generalizing Across Domains via Cross-Gradient Training 
 Mohit Kumar Flipkart     Rev2: Fraudulent user prediction in ratings platform
Tanuja Ganu DataGlen Technologies  IoT & AI powered platform for Energy Analytics 
 Rushi Bhatt   LinkedIn  Overview of how we keep the linkedin feed clean and professional




Session 2: Natural Language Processing (1 hour, 10 mins for each talk, 10mins QnA)
Moderator: B Ravindran


Name Affliation Proposed Talk
Sourangshu Bhattacharya IIT Kharagpur  Task-Specific Representation Learning for Web-scale Entity Disambiguation 
Mausam IIT Delhi  Hierarchical Pointer Memory Network for Task-Oriented Dialogue 
 Partha Talukdar IISc Canonicalizing Open Knowledge Graph 
 Manish Gupta  VideoKen  Applying Machine Learning to Support Human Learning 
Arjun Maheswaran and Pankaj Gupta  Agara Labs  Smart Customer Support


Panel Discussion: Challenges and future of AI/ML Ecosystem in India (30 minutes)
Moderator: Pankaj Gupta

Panel Members

Ashish Tendulkar, ML Engineer, Google India  

Anirban Dasgupta, Associate Professor, IIT Gandhinagar   

Chiranjib Bhattacharyya , Professor, IISc   

Srinivas Raaghav, Sr. Engineer, Research & Machine Intelligence, Google   

Shourya Roy, Head and VP, American Express Big Data Labs 


Session 3: ML Systems (1 hour, 10 mins for each talk, 20 mins QnA)
Moderator: Manish Gupta


Name Affliation Proposed Talk
Goda Ramkumar Ola ML/Data Science algorithms that power Ola
  Prateek Jain Microsoft Research India Resource-efficient ML in 2 KB RAM for the Internet of Things 
Animesh Mukherjee  IIT Kharagpur  Ranking State-of-the-art Papers via Incomplete Tournaments Induced by Citations from Performance Tables 
Srujana Merugu  Consultant (Ex-amazon/Flipkart/IBM Research) Building ML-based systems: A Practitioner's Perspective


Session 4: Computer Vision (1 hour, 10 mins for each talk, 10 mins QnA)
Moderator: Mausam

Name Affliation Proposed Talk
Vineeth N Balasubramanian  IIT Hyderabad Explainability in Deep Learning: Generalized Gradient-based Visual Explanations for Deep Convolutional Networks (Grad-CAM++) 
Vinay P. Namboodiri IIT Kanpur   Adversarial Machine Learning 
Vishnu Makkapati  Myntra Generation of Fashion Designs Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Varun Gulshan  Google ML in Medical Imaging
Soma Biswas IISc  Preserving Semantic Similarity for Zero-Shot Learning





Session 5: Other Interesting topics  (1 Hour, 10 mins for each talk, 10 mins QnA)
Moderator: Gopalan Sivathanu

Name Affliation Proposed Talk
Aditya Gopalan IISc  Online and reinforcement learning in complex environments
Ganesh Ramakrishnan  IIT Bombay   Human Assisted Machine Learning: Consensus, Domain Knowledge and Performance Measures
Lavanya Amazon Bayesian Models for Product Size Recommendation
 Kabir Rustogi Delhivery  Address Geocoding using Graph based Machine Learning Models
Rahul Sami   Google     ML challenges in Google Maps Automoderation






Poster presentation by Ph.D. students 

Name Affliation
Anirban Santara   IIT Kharagpur
Arpita Biswas IISc
 Avijit Dasgupta IIIT-H 
Bidisha Samanta IIT Kharagpur
Himanshu Jain IIT Delhi
 Madhav Nimishakavi IISc  
Preksha Nema  IIT Madras
 Sayak Ray Chowdhury  IISc
Srishti Gupta IIIT-Delhi
Shikhar Vashishth IISc






When and Where

8:00 AM- 7:15 PM March 16, 2018
Google India, Bengaluru, India


The workshop is being organized at the Google India Bangalore office. Please collect a visitor pass from the entry gate, walk up to the 5th Floor of Tower E and please ask the registration desk to help you with your badge and proceed for the event venue. 

Since we are already at maximum capacity, we might not be able to accept last minute registrations at the desk.