Meet our speakers

Taishi Morrissey

Kenji Nakashima

Google Cloud Platform , Senior Account Manager

After working for 7 years as a software engineer in a US-based software company, Kenji enrolled in M.B.A at Keio Business School. He then graduated and started his career as a sales and business development specialist. Prior to Google, Kenji worked as a Key Account Director, managing one of the largest automotive accounts. Kenji joined Google in 2012 and was responsible for Google Maps and Android Auto sales and business development. He then joined Google Cloud from the early stages and has been driving the business for enterprise customers. From 2018, he has been leading the Google Cloud business in West Japan since its launch.

製造・インダストリアル業界の西日本事業統括責任者。外資系 IT 企業で自動車業界戦略顧客のグローバル責任者を務める。Google 日本法人入社後、法人向け Google Map および Android Auto 含む自動車業界でのビジネス開発に従事。Google Cloud においてはエンタープライズ企業での Google Cloud Platform ビジネスの立ち上げに注力。2018 年より大阪名古屋を含む西日本全域の Google Cloudの ビジネスを推進。  

Taishi Morrissey

Daisuke Nomura 

Field Sales Representative, Google Cloud - West Japan

Daisuke started his career as a development SE for a Japanese company and changed to a sales position later on. After that, he changed jobs to a foreign IT company, engaged in sales of DB and CAD / PLM for major manufacturers mainly in Nagoya and Kansai, then moved to a cloud vendor and supported sales mainly in Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto manufacturing industry. He Joined Google Cloud in 2018 as Google Cloud Sales Representative for enterprise companies in west Japan.

日系企業の開発SEとしてキャリアをスタートし、途中営業職へ転身。その後、外資系IT企業へ転職し、名古屋、関西を中心ににて大手製造業向けにDB、CAD/PLMの拡販に従事した後、クラウドベンダーに転職し、京阪神の製造業を中心に営業支援を行う。 2018 年に Google Cloud 入社。西日本においてエンタープライズ企業向けにGoogle Cloudの営業支援を行う。

Mitsuyasu Kataoka

Mitsuyasu (Mickey) Kataoka

Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Kataoka started software development with SIer during the heyday of client-server systems. He was In-charge of enterprise DBA and in-house IT planning of a sales company. After that, he managed the DBA team and the team responsible for all open infrastructure. Taking advantage of the experience on Enterprise DB installation, construction and operation, he got involved in external sales. While engaged in external sales activities he was fascinated by the potential of Cloud and decided to join a Cloud vendor. After working as a Solution Architect for about two and a half years, in 2019 he joined Google Cloud as a Customer Engineer.

クライアント・サーバー・システム全盛期に SIer でソフト開発を開始。営業会社の社内 IT 企画を経てエンタープライズ DBA を担当。その後、DBA チーム、オープンインフラ全般を担当するチームをマネージ。エンタープライズ DB の導入・構築・運用経験を活かして外販に携わる。外販活動時にクラウドの可能性に魅力を感じ、クラウドベンダーに転職。約2年半ソリューション・アーキテクトを担当した後、2019年に Customer Engineer として Google Cloud にジョイン。

Taishi Morrissey

Tomoo Kubo

Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Started his career as a network engineer for a major telecommunications carrier and worked in service development for broad-band backbone service for ISPs. He has a long career as an engineer, mainly in the infrastructure field, and since 2015 has worked on many cloud migration projects as an engineer and manager at CIer. Served as a working group leader of the Japan Network Security Association and has a deep knowledge of network security. In 2018, joined Google Cloud as 1st CE who lived in Kansai and been engaged in technical support for many customers regardless of whether West or East Japan.

国内の大手通信事業者にてISP向け広帯域バックボーンサービスを開発するネットワークエンジニアとしてキャリアをスタート。以後インフラストラクチャ領域を中心にエンジニアとして長年キャリアを積み、2015年よりクラウド専業SIerにて文教や企業に対して多くのクラウド移行案件を手がける。ネットワークセキュリティに造詣が深く、特定非営利活動法人日本ネットワークセキュリティ協会のWGリーダーなどを歴任。2018年に関西在住CE第1号としてGoogle Cloudに参画、西日本・東日本を問わず多くの顧客に対する技術支援に従事。 

Takeshi Shimizu

Takeshi Shimzu

Partner Development Manager, Google Cloud

After working for overseas distributors and OEM sales of the international division of a major domestic manufacturing company, Takeshi was responsible for business development of communications services, network wholesale, IT outsourcing services sales, project management, services Experience in management in two foreign telecommunications carriers. Afterwards working as a domestic partner sales manager in the cloud service business of a major US cybersecurity company, he became Apigee's Japan sales head in 2013. With the acquisition of Apigee by Google Cloud in 2016, he was integrated with Google and transferred to the current partner team in 2017. He is currently mainly in charge of business development with major S/I.

国内製造大手の国際事業部の海外代理店営業、OEM営業を経て、外資系通信事業者2社おいて、通信サービスのビジネスデベロップメント、ネットワークのホールセールから、ITアウトソーシングサービスの販売、プロジェクトマネジメント、サービスマネジメントを経験。その後米サイバーセキュリティ大手のクラウドサービス事業において国内パートナー営業マネジメントを経て、2013年にApigee社の日本営業責任者に就任。2016年のGoogle CloudによるApigee社買収に伴い、Googleに統合され、2017年に現在のパートナー事業本部に移籍。主に大手S/I様との事業開発を担当しています。

Nobu Homma

Nobu Homma

Manager, Customer Engineering, Google Cloud

Came to Japan and joined Google Cloud in 2018 to experience a new culture and embark on new adventures. Originally from NYC, I have had the opportunity to work in an ad tech startup, start my own business and work in large enterprises, like Accenture and Capital One. Always focused on tech, I have been a developer, technology consultant and technology leader focused around application development and infrastructure.

The most memorable times in my career were meeting the next generation of technology specialists when I was recruiting at Cornell University for Capital One, it is amazing how smart those students are, and founding the NYC chapter of Capital One Coders, a group of volunteers teaching middle school kids in NYC how to code.