Start your journey as an Android Educator

As demand for skilled Android developers increases in the job marketplace, there is an even greater need for educators to train the next generation of Android developers.

Our objective in supporting the Android Educator Community is to:-

  • To empower the educators with project based resources
  • Enrich their knowledge as an educator and practitioner
  • Help their students build employable skills
  • Bring Kotlin into the classroom environment with ease
Android Educator India Programs

Register for the Faculty Symposium 

To kickstart your journey signup for the virtual Faculty Symposium using the the register link or by clicking the button below. Registrations will close 2 days prior to the event.

When and where

Mon May 23 14:00:00 2022
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Your Journey as an Educator



Attend the Faculty Symposium to learn and find out about Android Development with Koltin learning and teaching resources available to you. 



Connect with us and other educators during monthly office hours session for any further assistance needed in their own or their students' learning journey.


Join the Android Educator Community to showcase their and their learners’ successes via Android Educators Newsletter & many around the year Community Events.

Discover resources to learn and teach Android app development using the Kotlin programming language at your school or in your local community

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Android Study Jams is a program structured around the online Android Basics in Kotlin course that is intended for groups of students to learn Android development together with the help of a facilitator.

Android Basics

Android Basics in Kotlin is a self-paced, 6-unit course that jumpstarts a beginner’s learning to build basic Android apps in Kotlin

Teaching Resources

Android Development with Kotlin course teaches the fundamentals of Android app development with the Kotlin programming language. These materials are designed for instructors to deliver lectures in a classroom setting.