APAC Trusted Media Summit 2019

First Draft, the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter and the Google News Initiative will co-host the second annual Trusted Media Summit in Singapore. The weeklong event will bring together the journalists, academics and NGOs involved in fact-checking and fighting misinformation across the Asia-Pacific.

The weeklong event is divided into three parts: a one-day product working group (Dec 6), two-day main conference (Dec 7-8) and optional workshops (Dec 9-11). 


Product Working Group (December 6)

The product working group will allow members of the verification community to speak directly with product teams, share case studies and discuss tools and product features. 


Main Summit (December 7-8)

The main summit will follow a traditional conference format, featuring:

  • Updates from First Draft, IFCN, Google, YouTube and Facebook
  • Lightning talks about fact-checking and verification initiatives in APAC and around the world
  • Panels to discuss challenges and opportunities faced by the verification community
  • Office hours / 1:1 sessions
  • Breakout sessions by country, topic (elections, health, crowdsourcing verification etc.), challenges (tech, standards, etc.), media literacy, researching misinformation, evaluating success
  • Workshops on topics such as online safety and digital security, fact-checking, verification, disseminating fact-checks and tools!
  • Verification CSI: We'll break up into small groups and tackle real-world case studies (alleged voter fraud in Indonesia, the Nancy Pelosi video), discuss best-practices and standards


Optional Workshops (December 9-11)

For three days following the summit, there will be an optional workshops on the following topics:

  • December 9: Misinformation in Medicine Forum: A one-day event to build collaboration between journalists, doctors and technologists to combat the misinformation epidemic in health in Asia.
  • December 9: Responsible Reporting Workshop: Standards and best practices for creating and disseminating verifications/ fact-checks in multiple mediums (text, photo, video), led by First Draft
  • Dec 10-11: Taking Verification to the Next Level: For experienced fact-checkers/ verification experts, led by OSINT expert Eoghan Sweeney
  • December 9-11: Media Literacy Bootcamp: A three-day meeting for journalists, community groups and educators focused on building a network of media literacy practioners in Asia-Pacific, focused on evidence-based practices and measurement.