GNI University Verification Challenge: Regional Fact-Check Battle

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Google News Initiative is excited to launch a live-action University Verification Challenge for students across APAC. Join our live fact-check battle for bragging rights, the chance to compete against top student sleuths across Asia and to grab some sweet Google swag.

The challenge is part of a year-long verification campaign targeted at educating students and raising awareness.

Registration has closed.

1. Form your team of 2-3 members
2. Get ready to be challenged with intense quizzes
3. Three challenges will be presented back-to-back in the live battle
4. Teams will have 15 minutes to complete each challenge
5. Winning teams from each bracket will enter the finals to be held during the annual Trusted Media Summit

1. Does my team get a certificate from participating?
Our partners running this verification challenge with us have graciously offered participants certificates. AJI (Bahasa Indonesia), DataLEADS (English-Asia, Hindi) and TFC (Chinese) are offering certificates.
2. How difficult are the challenges?
Do expect a much higher level of difficulty compared to our verification challenge held in April this year. Imagine if that was for beginners, this is meant for more advanced detectives who have nailed the basics of fact-checking.
3. Must I form a team to participate?
Yes. Given we are limiting each challenge to 15 minutes, and with the level of difficulty raised, you will need teammates to help you solve the quizzes in a short time!
4. What if I want to have four teammates?
You can have teams of two or three members. But no more than that.
5. How long is the whole battle?
Please spare one hour of your time for briefing and also the live battle on the actual day.
6. How will I know if my team won and will proceed to the finals?
We will contact the winners via email with an invitation to join the finals.
7. How can we be prepared for the actual battle?
Have your own group chat or call during the live battle to discuss your answers!