Getting APIs and API programs to market successfully hinges on how easily developers can find your APIs and begin building applications. To help API teams attract and enable developers and in turn create new digital channels for their business, we’re announcing several enhancements to the Apigee Developer Portal.

In this session, Britt Morries, Chief Technology Officer at Palomar Specialty Insurance will sit down with Google Cloud’s Marsh Gardiner to discuss how they built a new developer experience for their partners and experienced an explosive growth in the volume of transactions across their platform. Tune in to learn:

  • how Palomar Specialty Insurance is transforming their business to an API-first business model with Apigee at the heart of this strategy

  • what is a “world-class” developer experience and how to deliver great customer service for internal and external developers

  • how Apigee and Apigee Developer Portal enables our customers to create a feature-rich developer portal for their API products

Meet the Speakers


Britt Morries

Chief Technology Officer,
Palomar Specialty Insurance 

Britt has extensive experience in leadership roles across companies in insurance, fitness, and marketing industries and he is leading the digital transformation efforts at Palomar Specialty Insurance. Marsh


Marsh Gardiner

Product Manager,
Google Cloud - Apigee

Marsh leads the development
efforts for overall API developer
experience at Apigee with a focus on the publishing/exposure layer that includes Apigee Developer Portal and OpenAPI tooling.