Application Development with Cloud Run  

Course description

This course introduces you to fundamentals, practices, capabilities and tools applicable to modern cloud-native application development using Google Cloud Run. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and supplemental materials, you will learn how to design, implement, deploy, secure, manage, and scale applications on Google Cloud using Cloud Run.


This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Gain detailed understanding of Cloud Run, Google Cloud’s fully managed compute platform for deploying and scaling containerized applications quickly and securely.

  • Write and migrate code your way using your favorite languages (Go, Python, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and more).

  • Secure service to service communication based on service identities and grant applications only the permissions they need.

  • Learn how to build highly available applications with low end-user latency, globally.

  • Learn how to connect to, and persist data in the managed database offerings on Google Cloud.

  • Understand how abstracting away all infrastructure management creates a simple developer experience. 


This class is primarily intended for the following participants:

  • Cloud Developers

  • API Developers

  • Customers

  • Partners

  • Googlers 

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To get the most out of this course, participants should have:

  • Familiarity with Linux commands and command line interface.

  • Basic understanding of Google Cloud.

  • Basic understanding of networking.

  • Basic understanding of one or more programming languages like Go, Python, Java, Ruby, or Node.js.

  • Basic understanding of shell scripts, YAML, JSON, HTTP, and TLS. 


3 days

Delivery Method


What to bring

For this class, please bring:

  • Laptop (Windows, Mac OS or Linux)