We’re pleased to announce that BazelCon 2019 will be held in Sunnyvale, California at Google’s Moffett Place Campus on December 11 and 12. This is THE event for everything related to Bazel, the Bazel Rules Ecosystem, and fast, correct, large scale builds.

The conference agenda is still being shaped, but you can expect:

  • Tech talks, demos, and lightning talks presented by members of the Bazel community
  • Breakout sessions covering 
      • The Bazel rules ecosystem
      • Language rule specifics
      • Information about Bazel 1.0
      • Bazel training and information sharing
  • Office hours with Bazel team members
  • Conference social and networking opportunities
  • ...And more!

To make BazelCon the most useful event it can be, we need Bazel users and developers to talk about their experiences and share their knowledge with the entire community. If you are interested in giving a presentation at BazelCon please see our Call for speakers.