If you wish to take part in the Welcome Dinner on Tuesday, September 10, guests should arrive by 16:30 (EEST Time) to make it to the Welcome Dinner by 18:00 (shuttles from the appointed hotels to Welcome Dinner venue will depart at 17:00). If not, all guests are expected to arrive by Tuesday night in order to participate in CEE Agency Summit on Wednesday, September 11. Agencies are expected to leave on Thursday, September 12.

We are organizing shuttles from Boryspil airport Terminal D to the appointed hotels on Tuesday September 10, starting from 9:00 till 16:00. In case your flight is earlier than 9:00 or later than 16:00 on Tuesday, September 10, you will need to take care of your transportation from the airport - you can take a look at the public transportation (buses and the express) or use taxi (either official airport taxis or Uber, Bolt, Uklon).

On Thursday, September 12 we do not organize transportation back to the airport, but we don’t stop caring about you. In order to get to the airport, please use these taxi services: Uber, Bolt  or Uklon.

If you need our help to order a taxi, just let know our event hostess in your hotel lobby.

Transportation will be arranged for you from the hotel reception to the conference venue by the shuttle. You will be informed on pick up times and on agenda. Important: If you are arranging accommodation on your own and not staying at one of the appointed hotels, please get a taxi to the venue or come over to one of the appointed hotels at the arranged time. You may find all hotel & conference venues address on our website closer to the event.

Team managers and product experts from the leading performance and digital agencies from Central & Eastern Europe, innovators from the region and Google executives.

You will be provided you with regular updates on agenda, speakers and activities through our webpage and regular updates via email. Also, there will be a welcome kit with useful information you will receive during event. However, if you have any other questions, please reach out to your local Google Partners Coordinator or drop us an email at agency-summit-2019@google.com.

Please notify your local Google Partners Coordinators if you will be late or unable to attend.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the conference venue and you will have Internet in your hotel. We can’t guarantee Wi-Fi connection outside of the conference venue, but Kyiv restaurants and cafes are Wi-Fi friendly.

If your question is not addressed here, please reach out to your local Google POC or at agency-summit-2019@google.com