UX/UI Design & Technology

Lead mentors

Emilia Maj

Emilia is Google certified Sprint Masters. Sh'e passionate UX/UI designer, product strategy mentor and founder of the HUSKY design agency. As a product designer, she's responsible for driving the software product from inception through execution to ensure that the products amaze end-users.

Łukasz Tyrała

Designer at miastologia.pl, former User Experience Design Director at VML and Front-end Developer at CreativeStyle. 10+ years of experience using design to learn about people, improve business operations and deliver meaningful and reliable products and services.

Bartek Balewski

Expert in user experience with over 10 yrs experience. Gained in Poland and abroad, working for large innovative companies such as HP, SEAT and Bank Millenium. He is a managing partner of Together consulting agency.

Diana Sarlińska

Diana is a Design Manager at Making Waves, and a practicing designer with over 12 year’s experience in Interaction and Service Design. Her absolute passion for the complexity of human nature ensures that a people-centered philosophy is visible in every aspect of her work.


Filip Miloszewski

Co-founder of Listonic - one of the most popular Polish apps. Involved in mobile business & startup scene since 2008. Computer Science graduate (Coventry University & Politechnika Łódzka), passionate about product development, mobile UX & user acquisition strategies, huge fan of internet, bikes & stand up comedy. @milof on Twitter

Konrad Dzwinel

Originally a back-end developer for five years, Konrad then decided to switch to the world of front-end. Now he tries to fit JavaScript everywhere! He shares his passion for various front-end technologies by teaching workshops and giving presentations. Privately, he enjoys trekking, rollerblading and, of course, programming.

Magdalena Nowak

UX and Product Expert with a multidisciplinary background. She’s fallen in love with qualitative research and design thinking methodologies. Experienced in building digital products from scratch - from web systems to mobile apps and wearables.

Konrad Synoradzki

Lead UX Designer at Allegro, manager of a group of talented and creative people. Ask me about User Experience, Research, Product Design & Strategy. Big fan of A/B testing.

Jonas Kwaschik

Jonas is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Sleighdogs. As a mentor he helps to streamline ideas; discusses business models; and defines the core values of a product.

Agnieszka Naplocha

Agnieszka Naplocha is a designer and front-end coder with a strong focus on UX-related issues, currently working at Adobe. She is the co-founder of The Awwwesomes – a non-profit organization teaching how to create awwwesome things on the Web, organizing coding (HTML&CSS) workshops in Poland.

Igor Farafonow

I create innovatory solutions for digital business. I believe that genius is formed by two components – ideas and details. Ideas make us fly up to the sky and design products of great innovatory. Details make our products perfect in their every aspect.

Krystian Miąsik

Every day goals:to make the Internet better and more friendly for all users. Focused on giving advice and consulting in term of UX. Always looking forward.

David Vavra

David is Google Developer Expert with extensive know-how of Firebase. He is Founder & CEO in STEP UP LABS.

Piotr Tuszyński

Worked for startups and large corporations, ex-founder of a venture funded startup, ex-entrepreneur-in-residence at a VC fund. Currently CTO at digital product design studio inFullMobile.

Mateusz Herych

I work at IG where I am trying to make a dent in the trading software industry using my Android abracadabras. I am also an Android member of the Google Developer Expert program.

Iga Mościchowska

Interaction designer and user researcher, UX trainer, workshop facilitator and consultant. Co-author of a bestselling book about the role of research in product design, supervisor of UX & Product Design studies on AGH University of Science and Technology, co-organiser of UX Wroclaw barcamps.

Joanna Jażdżyńska-Motak

UX Designer, manager, agile enthusiast. As a UX Team Manager at Grupa Onet-RAS Polska Joanna helps create and develop products used by millions of people in Europe. Co-founder of World Usability Day Conference in Cracow. Lecturer on AGH University of Science and Technology.

Hubert Anyżewski

Designer, Educator/Mentor, Entrepreneur. Experience Strategy&Design Director at Deloitte Digital CE Specialist in experience designing of product and services. Pioneer and Leader in UX Design in Poland. Master’s Degree in Social Psychology (major in HCI).

Michał Dusiński

Experienced Dad, Project Manager and Software Architect. In love with Machine Learning. Born to be AGILE. Agile Evangelist and Speaker, Entrepreneur. Still Scout in the heart. Trainer and coach. Friend. Sometimes Scrum Master, sometimes Product Owner, sometimes Architect and Developer but always believes on People.   

Tomasz Borowiec

For 20 years in the IT / Software Development industry, Java architect, co-founder of dev shops - 'Cohesiva' and 'Delta Unit'. Business coach, Scrum certified expert, creator of a Scrum simulation game (scrumdroid.pl) awarded by Project Management Institute.

Sergey Pugachev

Starting from the end of 2014 Sergey Pugachev is working at Google. He is responsible for monetization platforms support for Russian and European customers. Before Google, Sergey worked at Microsoft for more than 4 years. He is an author of several books on application development.

Piotr Bajtała

Creative, mhealth enthusiast, innovator, medical devices fan, entrepreneur, mobile expert, specializes in conceptual and creative thinking, digital design and mobile health technologies. He has 12-years of experience in mobile and digital, advertising industry.

Łukasz Siatka

Łukasz is a CEO of Machine Learning Study Group, leading the group that helps businesses meet innovations. He is well on his way to inspire and educate developers to build Machine Learning-based projects and become an industry gold standard.

Nik Page

Nik promotes UX research, strategy & design as an independed consultant and Google Developer Expert in UX. He is former Experience Designer in Ceska Sporitelna.

David Pasztor

David Pasztor has been working in the tech and design industry for more than 10 years, and is the founder of UX Studio, a 24-person design team based in Budapest.

Gergo Rad

Creative product consultant with an entrepreneurial passion for building successful products. 8 years of hands-on product management experience across the full “product stack”, from user research and business analysis to engineering, ux design, project management and product strategy.

Jindrich Fialka

I´m a blend of entrepreneur, designer and book worm. I'm also the guy who makes things happen. Interested in design, anthropology, technology and many other seemingly unrelated topics like music, marketing, psychology, sociology, physics, chemistry and martial arts.