Community Roadshow 2018

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have you already registered to attend Community Roadshow? Here’s what you need to know. For any other questions, please contact 

Will there be WIFI on site?

Sorry, but we will not provide any WIFI access during the event.

Where can I find detailed schedule for each day?

Our bus will park in each of the cities from 12.00 to 4.00 pm. Please check this website for updates. Check Schedule tab for details. 

What is a community dinner? How can I join?

Community dinners are smaller, evening meetings for people who are interested in starting a new GDG community in their city, or in joining the Community Groups Program. Dinners will be organized in: Estonia - Tartu (5.06), Russia - St. Petersburg (09.06), Ukraine - Lviv (14.06), Belarus - Minsk (12.06), Czechia - Prague (25.06), Serbia - Belgrade (20.06). If you'd like to receive an invitation, register here.

What is the Community Groups Program?

This program is dedicated to assisting individual organizers of active mobile, web, cloud, and AI developer communities on their journey leading successful and engaged groups via online training, meetup materials, networking opportunities, and more.

The program membership is free with no strings attached - we won’t ask you to promote Google’s products, use our branding in events, or limit your work to any specific technologies, topics, or partners.

You can also optionally join the GDG platform, which offers tailored support to organizers of local GDG chapters specifically interested in learning more about Google technologies. More information here.