Our Upcoming Event

We are delighted to invite you to the annual Virtual Compass Leadership Summit.

It’s Google Ireland’s annual gathering of women leaders from the worlds of business, politics, academia, not-for-profit, sport and media.

The sudden shift to working remotely for some, while many remain on the front line, has affected all elements of our lives including how we connect, how we grow and how we lead. It has accelerated existing needs for cooperation, versatility and a sense of belonging. There is an even greater demand for compassionate leadership to meet the set of challenges in front of us. The burden on women leaders has never been greater, as we balance competing demands for our time and energy. Our usual scaffolding and supports are bending under this strain.

Our goal is to leverage our combined experiences to break down the challenges we face, how they shape our careers and wellbeing, and how together we can create and maintain a supportive infrastructure that allows us to thrive. Connection and community will remain at the core of Compass.


What & When:

The Main Compass Event: 27th January at 4.00pm

An afternoon event which we welcome you to virtually attend, with a keynote address by Frances Frei, Professor at the Harvard Business School and expert speaker on how to build, and rebuild, trust - a crucial element of our support systems.

In light of the tougher covid restrictions, with many of us taking on further caring or homeschooling duties as well as the day job, we’ve taken the decision to postpone our Compass Conversations. When the time is right, we will reschedule these, as building connections across the audience is key to the purpose of Compass.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event, which promises to inspire you and help focus you on the leadership required to meet the challenges ahead.

Kind regards,
The Compass Team 

Here is a video which explains our goals this year: