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  1. TFF for Image Classification and Text Generation
  2. TFF for Model and Update Compression
  3. Building your own Federated Learning Algorithm 
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  1. TFF for Image Classification and Text Generation
  2. TFF for Model and Update Compression
  3. Building your own Federating Learning Algorithm
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Federated Learning Workshop using TensorFlow Federated

Introduction to Federated Learning and Analytics with TFF: Sometimes centrally collecting data produced by edge devices, such as mobile phones or cars, is infeasible or undesirable. With federated learning, clients collaboratively train a model under the direction of a server, while keeping the training data decentralized and mitigating privacy risks. Learn how you can use TensorFlow Federated, an open-source framework for machine learning and other computations on decentralized data, to explore federated learning. In this workshop, you will train an image classification model and a text generation model while learning about the unique advantages and challenges of the federated setting. You will also see examples of how TFF can be used to enable new research. After this tutorial, you will be equipped to further experiment with federated learning on your own. 

TFF for Federated Learning Research: TFF is an extensible, powerful framework for conducting federated learning (FL) research by simulating federated computations on realistic proxy datasets. In this tutorial session, we'll describe the main concepts, components and detailed guidance for conducting different kinds of research in TFF. We'll demonstrate optimization and compression algorithms as examples but also introduce advanced techniques for customizing TFF for various research needs. This tutorial also served as a great starting point for people who are interested to explore the TFF research directory. Note that this tutorial session assumes the audience is familiar with FL layers of TensorFlow Federated.

Our tutorials will assume basic TensorFlow knowledge. For a TensorFlow quickstart, please check out this tutorial, for machine learning using Keras, please check out this tutorial, for more tutorials for TensorFlow, please visit

When and where

Friday, July 31 | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST
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Organized by: Adria Gascon, Marco Gruteser, Peter Kairouz, Zheng Xu, Rainier Aliment, and Jennifer Ye

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