Design Is [Protopian]

Join us for the April session of our monthly series, Design Is [...], with special guest Monika Bielskyte, founding partner of ALL FUTURE EVERYTHING

In this keynote, Monika Bielskyte will explore how Science Fiction wields a powerful influence over real-world scientific/technological research, sociopolitical development, and the way we imagine, design, build and live in our cities.

Monika will focus on the lack of humanitarian evolution and absence of positive applications of futuristic technologies in dystopian visions produced by Hollywood - dystopian visions that too often become the ‘product roadmap’ for reality. This talk will examine the future narratives that we’ve grown accustomed to and invite the audience to see the urgency and the incentive to move from ‘dystopian’ to ‘protopian’ - evolved narrative of what future could be as the immersive and experiential media space - virtual, augmented and mixed reality - will become the dominant media space in the decade to come. 

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6:00pm - 8:30pm April 24, 2019