Dialogflow CX Competition

Google Cloud recently released Dialogflow CX, a bot building platform for building chatbots and telephony agents. It empowers your team to accelerate creating enterprise-level conversational experiences through a visual bot builder and an advanced NLU. It provides a new way of designing agents, taking a state machine approach to agent design. This gives you clear and explicit control over a conversation, a better end-user experience, and a better development workflow.

The competition

To get started with the tool, we have organized a great competition; design a conversational flow in Dialogflow CX or develop an agent integration with the Dialogflow CX SDK

- Show the world, that you and your team are thought leaders in conversation AI!
- Have your open-sourced code featured out of the Dialogflow console and docs for the 1.6M developers to see. 
- Win cool prizes and grab your free Dialogflow CX shirt.
- Free Dialogflow CX training (within a few days you will receive an email regarding your enrollment).

To get started with Dialogflow, every new Dialogflow CX user will receive a $600 credit for a free trial of Dialogflow CX.

Update your registration 

Sign up now by clicking on the button below. Update your registration by filling in your details and enter a short proposal with an idea you would like to build (conversational flow vs. integration). 


Competition starts July 27th.

(see timeline below for details)



Receive free Dialogflow CX training

Everyone attending will get access to a free Dialogflow online training with Qwiklabs. Register now and you will be enrolled to the training portfolio. You will receive a separate email regarding your registration in the coming days. 

Conversational Flow Building
In this lab you will learn how to use the Dialogflow CX Console to build and test a simple shirt ordering agent. When interacting with this agent, you can ask for the store location, get store hours, or order a shirt. Your completed agent for this guide will be graphed by the console like the image on the right. 


Track 1 - UX Designers 
Write a conversation flow

Design a Dialogflow CX flow / conversation for building a text chatbot for COVID-19. Could be a vaccination scheduler, could be an FAQ, Could be a bot on where you are allowed to travel to, etc.

Track 2 - Bot Developers
Build an integration

Use the Dialogflow CX API (REST, gRPC or Client libraries), to build a cool integration. For example to integrate a chatbot in a website or Blog, WhatsApp, CRM, CMS, Mobile, etc.

Grab your shirt!

Everyone who enters the competition will receive a Dialogflow CX shirt. 

*product might be different than image
*limited availability (200pcs)


PRIZES - Track 1

 UX Designers

1st prize - Fitbit Sense (1x)

2nd prize - Nest Hub (1x)

3rd prize - Google Nest mini  (3x)

(All winners will receive the book: 'The Definite Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud' by Lee Boonstra)


PRIZES - Track 2

Bot Developers

1st prize - Lego Kit: Batmobile (1x)

2nd prize - Lego Kit: James Bond (1x)

3rd prize - Lego Kit: Star Wars Helmets (3x)

(All winners will receive the book: 'The Definite Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud' by Lee Boonstra)


What are we looking for?

The solution needs to run, and contain a READMe on how to get started.

  • How well is it executed?
    Our Google engineers will look into the code (and flows), how it was setup.
  • Could you use it in a production app?
  • Can you work with a team on it?
  • How will you maintain it, etc...?  
  • How useful is the idea?
  • How does this make an impact?
  • How does it make customer interactions more effective?
  • How original is the idea?
    Dialogflow CX allows you to solve old problems in new ways.
  • How creative is your solution?


Questions? Feel free to contact us at: dialogflow-competition-external[at]google.com.