Click below to download resources related to Malika Saada Saar and Dr. Knatokie Ford’s conversation, How Equity and Inclusion Can Help All Learners Thrive.

Learn tips for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion on your YouTube channel with the Inclusion Driver Video and Resource page. Representation in media matters--in front of and behind the camera. These resources cover the importance of remembering unconscious bias, which can influence the people we choose to work with, the topics we cover and which perspectives we include.

Gain additional insights to consider in content planning and design with the Guide for Strategy and Design which builds on previously explored content opportunities spanning Primary through Postsecondary Education, here.

Achieve greater impact on the lives of the world’s learners, educators, and caregivers with valuable background and ideas using the Guides for Fostering Equity & Empowerment in Learning. These guides are available in unique versions written for Primary & Secondary learning as well as for Postsecondary learning and beyond.

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