Why is Google Partners offering this program?

We are offering this program because you have articulated a strong desire to grow and we would like to support you in realizing that ambition.

What does Google Partners expect from you during the sessions?

We expect you to participate actively, with respect and discretion, in class. Discussions held during the group sessions are not to be shared, tweeted or otherwise communicated outside of the room (think of Las Vegas: “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”). Moreover, you should come to the group sessions on time, be prepared, and engage actively. Finally, please meet with your coach as agreed, and be prepared to work hard during those sessions.

Who is the target audience for the Elevator Business Coaching Academy?

We have selected 15 agencies to participate in the program based on their past and current performance and displayed desire and ambition to grow in the future. More specifically, the coaching sessions are designed for managing directors / owners with decision-making authority of agencies. They must be willing to invest time to gain new insights, learn new things and work to improve.

Why should I participate?

This unique, interactive and dynamic business coaching program is especially designed for agencies to have a good mix of new theoretical insights, practical advice, models and applications that you can immediately apply to improve the every day running of your agency. It is brought to you by an experienced business coach for your agency and you, personally. The goal is to give participants short and long-term tangible and measurable results:

  • Insight into / decision on the strategic direction for the upcoming months and / or years
  • Insight into / decision on how to achieve this
  • Grow your revenue and profitability
  • Increased feeling of "being in control / having an overview of all essential elements"

Moreover, it's going to be a lot of fun!

Can another employee attend a session?

No, we expect the owner / managing director to attend all sessions.

Do I have to attend the entire program?

Yes. We ask you to attend all plenary sessions. If you really are unable to attend one session, Robert or Janusz can give you the main ideas during one of the personal coaching sessions. Personal coaching sessions can be scheduled as you wish, therefore, it should not be a problem to attend all.

Who are the Business Coaches?

Robert Craven is the Trainer for the program. However, both Robert and Janusz Stabik will be doing the 1-2-1 coaching sessions. 

How can I ask questions?

You can direct any questions you have concerning the program and content to Robert. You can reach him via rc@directorscentre.com.

Does it cost anything to participate in the Business Coaching program?

No, Google Partners will pay for the costs of the program, with the total value being € 5,950 per participant.