Format & Structure

The format of the training involves a series of several course modules that will be covered in 3 plenary sessions. We will address everything from finance, operations, and human resources to sales, marketing and client relationships. Each module lasts up to four hours, however the specific length, as well as the depth to which it will be covered, is in part a decision made in response to the interest and needs of the participants (and up to the coaches discretion).

In addition to the group sessions, participants will also receive 3 one-on-one personal coaching sessions to review their individual work projects, assess their progress towards their stated personal learning objectives, or respond to questions and concerns as they may arise.

Delivery of the program is expected to be over a 3-month (consecutive) period (flexibility for holidays and other events has been factored in). One of the first things your coach will do is review the schedule with the group to ensure maximum participation and make allowances for holidays or other requirements.