Virtual API Jam - Security is an advanced hands-on workshop for API developers and architects who want to understand how to secure APIs exposed through Apigee Edge. Our experts will walk you through five lab exercises that will help you throttle, protect and secure your APIs, by utilizing modern security principles like OAuth 2.0 and JWT, and simplifying developer on-boarding

Workshop Agenda

Hands-on Lab Exercises

  • Introduction to API Security
  • Lab 1: Throttle your API Traffic to prevent DoS
  • Lab 2: Protect your APIs against threats
  • Lab 3: OAuth 2.0 based API security
  • Lab 4: JWT based API security
  • Lab 5: Use Apigee with Okta Identity Protection
  • Demo of the Apigee Sense API Security Platform

Before you join us for the session:

Make sure that you have created and activated your Apigee Edge account. Don't you have one? Sign up free now.

Your Org has to be provisioned as part of your trial account. Learn how.

Use a modern web browser like Chrome (v50+) to access the Apigee Edge Platform UI.

Have a basic understanding of Apigee Edge entities such as API proxies, apps, and products.

For a refresher of the API management lifecycle, you can register for Virtual API Jam or have a look at lab exercises here.