Monetizing APIs to unlock new markets and revenue streams

Businesses can generate tremendous value by opening their assets to new audiences via APIs—but only if those APIs are designed, managed, and brought to market the right way

Join Mark Iannelli, Senior Technical Account Manager at AccuWeather and Google Cloud’s Prithpal Bhogill to discuss API monetization best practices and how Accuweather unlocked new markets and new lines of business by sharing its world-class weather data. Tune in to learn:

how to expose valuable business assets as monetizable API products

how to create a successful business model, revenue plan and pricing model for your API program

how to build a world-class developer experience to increase API adoption

how AccuWeather leveraged Apigee to monetize its weather data 

Meet the Speakers


Mark Iannelli

Sr. Technical Account Manager AccuWeather 


Prithpal Bhogill

Product Manager,
Google Cloud - Apigee