Enabling the community to connect with the right mentors

Exchange with Google Developers gives community organizers a platform to create tailored learning and self-development opportunities for mentees based on their specific requests addressed by mentors in a live mentoring session.

The program is currently open for (not only) DevFest 2021 applicants globally and offers access to mentors who will enable them to grow in three different scopes:

  • Technical guidance: Supporting beginner developers to become the best in their field by providing them with the best Google technical content, certifications ideas and advice.
  • Solving tech challenges: Accelerating brainstorming discussions to help solve challenges that the developers are facing in different areas with the use of Google tech.
  • Tech excellence: Suggesting best-in-class optimizations of existing solutions based on Google tech so developers can take full advantage of them. Better. Cheaper. Faster. 

Interested? Choose the role that best describes you and register below. Please note, that you have to be 18 years and older to join this pilot.

Exchange with Google Developers


  • Are you a developer looking to know more about Google Technologies?
  • Are you looking for a state of the art solution for your next project?
  • Are you interested in improving your existing solution, better performance and experience?

Register as a mentee to receive mentoring during DevFest ‘21 season.

In order to be considered for the program, you will be asked to express a specific technical problem or challenge related to Google tech that in your application.


  • Are you interested in helping others with your knowledge?
  • Would you like to share your learning journey as a developer?
  • Would you like to inspire others with your passion for developer communities?

Register as a mentor to offer mentoring during DevFest ‘21 season.

Community Organizers

  • Would you like to increase the social impact of your community?
  • Do you want to increase the networking among the members of your community?
  • Would you like to bring a new experience to your community?

Register as an organizer until Oct 15 to facilitate mentoring Exchanges during DevFest ‘21 season.



Developers (beginners or experienced), aiming for a better understanding of Google Technologies, learning resources, use cases and best practices. You’re going to be expected to specify your technical challenge in your application. 

Developers willing to contribute as mentors to the community, driving social impact in the ecosystem. The golden rule is that they need to be knowledgeable on the subject of mentoring they’ll provide. Typically GDGs, GDEs, WTM ambassadors, GDSCs leads and Accelerator mentors are a good place to start when thinking about mentors. 

Community organizers participating in DevFest ‘21 season.

No, the program is free.

Selected mentors, mentees and organizers for mentorship sessions will be notified via email.

Mentoring sessions happen live, they are min 60 min long, 1 to 1 conversations. It is possible to group 2-3 developers with similar interests in one session where applicable.  

As part of your application, we will ask you to describe your request, detailing your background as developers, interests and expectations, scope and technological area. 

Applications are pre-screened and selected mentors and mentees are invited to join the mentorship platform. There mentees can self-select a mentor based on a bio, technology tags and other information. 

In the mentorship platform you can book an available slot with a mentor of your choice. You will both receive a calendar invite to meet on Google Meet.

Next steps

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