Let's Explore Machine Learning!

Explore ML with Crowdsource is a Google program to help you get started with Machine Learning and understand the impact of your Crowdsource contributions. The curriculum offers 2 tracks of Machine Learning content (Beginner, Intermediate) and relies on facilitators to train university students and other interested participants in their community.

Explore ML workshops are live, virtual sessions where participants learn theoretical concepts and hands-on exercises with the help of a facilitator. These facilitators will be trained and mentored by domain experts at Google so that their workshops are set up for success. Apart from technical skills, they will further develop their facilitation, presentation, and communication skills by being a part of this program.

Explore ML with Crowdsource

We are looking for facilitators!

Facilitators train others in the community to acquire knowledge of Machine Learning, using content and resources developed and curated by Google ML experts. If you are an ML enthusiast who would like to be a facilitator, do sign up!