Become a Facilitator

Our selected facilitators will get the opportunity to -

  • Attend virtual facilitator training sessions with ML experts at Google
  • Sharpen their ML knowledge, and develop leadership and presentation skills
  • Facilitate ML workshops for university students or community members
  • Share feedback, reports, ideas, and best practices with the program team at Google and other facilitators
  • Get certified by Google and rewarded based on their level of engagement
  • Our selected facilitators will become part of the global Crowdsource community and participate in the community programs run by Google.

Interested to join the program as a facilitator?

Applications to Explore ML with Crowdsource Facilitator program are now open.

Apply to be a facilitator by 20th of May, 2022

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We are looking for someone who..

  • Is comfortable with data structures and algorithms
  • Has good communication and interpersonal skills has effective listening and questioning skills
  • Has a passion for teaching, facilitating, and/or presenting
  • Has previous experience in working on Machine Learning (strongly preferred)
  • Has previous teaching or facilitation experience (preferred)

Workshop Curriculum

(Workshop Duraction: 2-3 hours)

  • Intro to ML
  • Neural Networks
  • Introduction to Crowdsource by Google

(Workshop Duration: 4-5 hours)

  • ML Extended
  • Problem Framing
  • TensorFlow: First Step with TensorFlow  

Journey of a Facilitator

  1. Interested applicants can register their interest by filling this form (Deadline: May 20, 2022)
  2. After the screening process, applicants will be informed about the final results over email
  3. Applicants selected to become facilitators will get trained by ML experts at Google on the program curriculum
  4. Once trained on the curriculum and inducted to the Crowdsource influencer program, facilitators can start conducting Explore ML with Crowdsource workshops
  5. Based on their engagement in the program, facilitators will be rewarded and recognized (certificate, letter of appreciation, etc); they will also be included in community initiatives planned exclusively for Crowdsource influencers