Fighting Misinformation Online

Welcome to Fighting Misinformation Online, a new European Summit for those working to tackle mis and dis-information, and a forum to discuss media literacy and fact-checking.  

Elevating authoritative information and tackling all forms of misinformation is a critical issue, and collaboration between academics, policymakers, publishers, and technology companies is key. That’s why we’re inviting governments, educators, nonprofits, technologists, and news organisations from around Europe to this summit to share ideas and knowledge.

Earlier this year, the European University Institute and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation launched the new ‘European Media and Information Fund’ supported by Google and with the cooperation of the European Digital Media Observatory. This event will also be an opportunity to learn about the Fund, which aims to strengthen fact-checking, media literacy and help tackle misinformation.

Targeted audience: News Publishers, Academics, NGOs, Government representatives and bodies and Policymakers
Summit Language: English