Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time Speaker: Peter Friese

Using SwiftUI's declarative syntax, building user interfaces for any of Apple's platforms is fast and exceptionally simple. Firebase makes developing the backend for your app a lot easier by providing BaaS features such as a NoSQL database, a flexible authentication solution, as well as a serverless environment to extend you app with custom backend code. Both SwiftUI and Firebase make developing apps a lot easier, but how do you bring both together? In this talk, I'm going to build a simple, data-driven SwiftUI application that uses Cloud Firestore to store data.

Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time Speaker: Tejas Deshpande

As a Software Engineer that's worked on iOS a lot, I was curious to learn about Flutter (due to easily expanding my ability to also build on Android) - and FlutterFire enables the use of Firebase on Flutter! In this talk, I'll go through a demo of building a simple flutter app that uses some Firebase products to help build it much faster - on both iOS and Android!

Time: 6:00 PM Pacific Time Speaker: Rachel Myers & Megha Bangalore

Come watch a few Firebasers take turns trying to write the best Firestore Security Rules for each task, and learn about securing your own Firestore instance along the way. Did you know you can do string replacements in a rule itself? Or that you can use math and hashing functionality within a rule? We'll write rules from the simple to the complex, and in the process talk through why we're choosing one implementation over another. This is going to be part Masterclass, and part Rap Battle.

Time: 6:00 PM Pacific Time Speaker: Hamid Mousavi

Always wanted to use Machine Learning to make smarter decisions in your App? We will discuss how you can do that without needing much ML background using Firebase Remote Config and Firebase Predictions. We will go over the main features of these two products and show you how to grow your app by personalizing user experience using them.