Meet our Speakers

Host - Paco Solsona

Paco Solsona is a Google engineer leading developer relations and Accelerator for Spanish-speaking LATAM, or SpLATAM, with 25 years of experience in technology, tech communities, and entrepreneurship. Redefining on-the-ground engineering for Google in SpLATAM, for the past seven years, Paco has fostered one of the strongest and cohesive network of leaders, influencers, and partners in the region; and together they are helping developers, and entrepreneurs thrive.

Through different Google Developers programs, he works tirelessly to make SpLATAM one of the most effective startup ecosystems in the world. Strong tech communities, an ever growing mentor network, and a battle-tested methodology to support tech-startups thrive; are the pillars that support Google Developers' flagship program: Launchpad.

Every year, only in SpLATAM, we reach over 500 startups, 1200 entrepreneurs, and 50K developers and professionals through our programs, and partnerships. At Google Developers Launchpad we help high-impact startups become successful companies.


Keynote - Marta Rey-Babarro
Head of UX Research, ChromeOS and Chromebooks and co-founder Sprintmaster Academy at Google

Marta is the Head of UX Research for ChromeOS and Chromebooks and co-founder of the Sprintmaster Academy at Google. She is a mix of researcher and sprintmaster with a designer’s soul. This combination has helped more than 50+ different teams, inside and outside of Google, to create new products, improve processes, create project visions, design websites and features all by bringing different roles and expertise together to collaborate effectively resulting in world class innovation.

During her seven years at Google, she has led three worldwide Google research teams, which include Corporate Engineering, Education and now Chrome OS+Chromebooks. Her research results have helped shape Google’s strategy for internal and external facing products, provided insights critical to building the vision for 2 new products, Study Buddy and Socratic-by-Google. Which are being used by millions of students worldwide. Marta is also a founding CentralEDU member. CentralEDU’s mission is to conduct foundational research and create a forum to cross-pollinate Educational ideas.

Prior to arriving in California in 2013, she worked for Microsoft in Redmond, as the lead researcher for Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook and the strategic “big bet” that resulted in bringing communication and collaboration across the Office suite for the first time. At Bankinter, in Spain, she was part of the team that created the first transactional Spanish bank and content portal on the Internet.

She holds a PhD in Audiovisual Communication, from Complutense University of Madrid and a masters degree in Human Computer Interaction at the School of Information at the University of Michigan. She was born and raised in Spain and studied a BA in Advertising and Public Relations from Complutense University of Madrid.

Lightning Talk - Mauricio Angulo
Head of UX at Coppel and UX Nights Founder

Mauricio Angulo is a User Experience Engineer, certified Sprintmaster, and consultant. He works at Tesseract Space, a company specialized in UX Design and Usability, in Mexico City.

He collaborates in the Google Developer Experts group and at the Microsoft Regional Director initiative as a mentor for enterprise companies and startups on multiple topics like user experience design, usability, voice user interface design, and software development.

Since 2014 he is a co-founder of UX Nights, the biggest user experience community in Latin America. He is also a writer, editor of the UX Nights online magazine, an international speaker, and a technical trainer at LinkedIn Learning.


Marcelo Morales Rins
Product Officer of Ualá


Marcelo started in Ualá since it was just an idea. He managed to realize a reality for more than 1.5 million people in less than two years. He formed the product and technology teams, with the aim of providing the best user experience and a sustainable business.

Today he is in charge of the areas of Engineering, Infrastructure, User Experience and Product. His academic training began at the UCA as an Electronics and Communications Engineer. Then it strengthens the business area with an MBA at the Torcuato Di Tella University (UTDT).

Ricardo Weder
CEO & Fundador of Justo


Ricardo Weder is an entrepreneur and promoter of the tech ecosystem in Mexico and Latin America. Today, Ricardo is Founder and CEO of Justo, the first online pure play supermarket in Mexico and pioneer in LatAm, with the vision of transforming the food and consumer goods industry in Latin America.


Brian York
Founder and CEO of LiftIt 


Brian York is the co-founder & CEO of Liftit, a truck delivery platform based in Bogotá Colombia. Previously, Brian founded 3 other venture-backed startups based in San Francisco and he still manages a venture fund, Bassin Ventures, based in SF. 

Arthur Debert
Co-Founder at Loggi


Arthur Debert is a co-founder at Loggi, a logistics startup using technology to give access to consumer goods for 200 million Brazilians. There he has served as CTO and later as CPO. He has a (massively underused) Bachelor's degree in Film.

Reecha Bharali 
UX Researcher


Reecha Bharali is working in improving developer experiences for Google Cloud Platform as a UX Researcher. She has worked previously to improve consumer properties at Google's advertising org., Yahoo Inc. and Pearson Education. She is a trained researcher with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction in her Master's from Indiana University and holds a Bachelor's degree in Design (Interaction) from IIT Guwahati.  

Sarah D’Angelo
UX Researcher  


Sarah D’Angelo is a User Experience Researcher focusing on Developer Productivity at Google. She received a PhD in Technology and Human Behavior from Northwestern University and a BS in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego.