A Look Back at
Founder Fridays 2021

Founder Fridays is a recurring monthly event series that we host for founders across North America! Our goal is simple - we want to bring the startup ecosystem together on a regular basis to enable connection, learning, and growth.

In 2021, we’ve had over 2000 startup teams join us from around the globe. Thank you so much for attending Founder Fridays this year!


What to expect for December

On December 3rd, we're looking back on the best moments of Founder Fridays in 2021 featuring valuable insights from our Google experts and thought leaders. Check back here to enjoy a compilation of some of our favourite moments that highlight a year of growth for our founders.

You can also view all past lightning talks and Q&As, including topics on international expansion, improving your data insights with Google Cloud, and scaling your sales impact.

We want to hear from you!

Have any topic suggestions on what you’d like to see next year at Founder Fridays? We’d love to hear it! Please fill out our survey below and let us know. 

Questions? Contact us at founder-fridays@google.com