'Indie Hacking': Developing Your Passion Project Into an Entrepreneurial Success 

Entrepreneurship comes in all shapes and sizes - from bootstrapped side hustles to venture-backed unicorns. We invite you to hear from developers and tech leaders turned entrepreneurs who turned their passion projects into profitable businesses with successful exits to companies like Google and Stripe. 

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Leverage the Ecommerce Boom
Co-Hosted with Shopify

COVID-19 is a time machine that brought 2030 to 2020, significantly accelerating the digital revolution for all businesses, but especially retail and commerce companies. Businesses big & small who thought they had years to evolve digitally are now having to adapt in a matter of weeks or months. For this session, we partnered up with Shopify thought leaders to share insights and actionable ways to benefit from the current ecommerce boom.

This session will also help individuals and teams understand how they can leverage free and paid Google and Shopify tools to make the most out of peak shopping moments from Black Friday to Flash Sales and the Holiday Season. 

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Diversity and Inclusion in the Startup Ecosystem

As Google continues to grow, we have a responsibility to scale our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to increase pathways to tech in the communities we call home. Responsible growth means looking beyond the demands of our industry, to consider how our work impacts the cities, sites, and countries where we operate. September's First Fridays heard from Google’s leadership team and North American and LATAM Startup Leaders who are committed to continuing to make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything they do, from building products to growing a workforce. The session also helped individuals and teams learn how to implement a level of responsibility across all business practices, and create a workplace with a sense of belonging for everyone. 

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Scaling for Innovation and User-Centered Design

August First Fridays heard from Google design leaders and Latin American entrepreneurs who are using UX/UI and design thinking to innovate and scale in international markets, creating solutions centered on the user. This session will also help individuals and teams unlock their creative capabilities with Google's innovative techniques, strategies and frameworks required to bring ideas to life.

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Building high performing businesses and productive teams in a digital and distributed world. 

July First Fridays discussed how startups around the world are searching for ways to connect, communicate, collaborate. We invite you to learn from leaders in remote and distributed workforces on how to manage, lead, and grow successful companies in a digital-first world addressing everything from remote management to remote sales to remote fundraising.

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Thinking Cloud-First: How startups can build and retool with cloud technology


June First Fridays featured lightning talks on building cloud-first startup companies, maintaining resilient business operations and ways to manage business continuity and cost optimization with Cloud. The session will also included interactive talks with Canadian leaders who will share the strategy behind their startup with a cloud-first approach. 

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Lead through change


May First Fridays heard from Google leaders and entrepreneurs on how to lead your business and teams through changing times, and adjusting to the new normal. We took you through tactical tools, frameworks and strategies used by Google leaders to manage through crisis.  

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Marketing as a competitive advantage 

April First Fridays was dedicated to expanding your understanding of how marketing at your startup can be transformed to a company competitive advantage. We’ll took Startups through how you can understand your audience profile, build a measurable marketing strategy and develop creative activations through channels like YouTube in small budgets.  

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