Welcome to Founder Fridays

Founder Fridays is a recurring monthly event series hosted by Google Developers for the startup community. Our goal is simple - we want to bring the Americas startup ecosystem together on a regular basis to learn, connect and grow.

While no two Founder Fridays events are the same, you can expect to walk away with best practices from Google subject matter experts, to hear panel discussions with fellow startup founders, gain access to Google mentors - and have the opportunity to connect with the broader startup ecosystem.

Each Founder Fridays will be centered around a specific topic relevant to startup and scaleup teams - from international growth and attribution to finding new customers and leveraging Google insights tools. Previous events have featured startup founders and leaders from companies like Clearbanc, Borrowell, Stripe, Faire, Shopify, CMD, GroupBy, GitLab, TransparentBusiness, Loggi, Maple, KOTN, and Byteboard.

Check the upcoming event details tab to register for our next Founder Fridays event.