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Are you ready to join the #GCPBoleh Challenge?

#GCPBoleh is an online self-study program that provides developers in Malaysia with access to hands-on Google Cloud labs while learning alongside a supportive community of peers.

Learn Cloud, Big Query & Machine Learning technologies on Google Cloud Platform with
 one month of free access to Google Cloud Skills Boost

Complete at least six quests to score a cool swag pack!

Here is the list of quest to complete and score cool GCP SWAGS! 


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Completed this challenge? Submit your Google Cloud Skills Boost profile before Sunday, Nov 14, 23:59 (MYT) via this link to receive swags based on the number of quests you have completed.

*Note: Only quests completed within the dates of Oct 28 - Nov 14, 2021 (dates incl.) will be counted in the redemption process.

Why should you be a part of #GCPBoleh?

1. Get 1 month of free access to Google Cloud Skills Boost. 

2. Score cool GCP SWAGS

    • Complete at least 6 quests: a t-shirt, cap, stickers, and tote bag
    • Complete at least 14 quests: a t-shirt, cap, stickers, tote bag and backpack

Start: October 28, 2021

Deadline: November 14, 2021


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