Cloud Jumpstart

Learn to build better, faster and at scale.

Get started on Google Cloud Platform with this learning and enablement session. Join us in this technical introduction to GCP and rapidly boost your knowledge on our Cloud Economics and right-sizing model, ActiveAssist, live migration and much more. Ending with a live demo on how quickly you can run your first workload on GCP.




10min • A brief introduction on what you'll learn today. We'll also introduce the individuals behind the Google Cloud Philippines team in the call.


GCP Foundations: Getting started the easy way

40min • Powerfully start your Google Cloud journey by understanding how the Google Cloud Platform differentiates:

  • We'll briefly discuss how Google Cloud can provide extensive financial benefits like budget savings; reduce both setup and maintenance cost, how it is remarkably cheaper as apposed to setting up your own IT Infrastructure. 
  • Learn the basics of Compute, Storage and Network in GCP with an actual example showing how we design a web application architecture on GCP.


Demo: Confidently run your first workload on GCP

25min • We'll walk you through the GCP console and a live-demo for a specific sample use-case on deploying your first workload on GCP.


Q&A and Open Forum

15min • Ask and discuss anything from today's session with the Google Cloud team.