2020 Google Analytics 360 ON AIR

Date: 15 October 2020 

To help you get better ROI from your marketing for the long term, we're creating a new, more intelligent Google Analytics that builds on the foundation of the App + Web property we introduced in beta last year. It has machine learning at its core to automatically surface helpful insights and gives you a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. It’s privacy-centric by design, so you can rely on Analytics even as industry changes like restrictions on cookies and identifiers create gaps in your data. Join us for a livestream to learn more about how the new Google Analytics, and how it will give you the essential insights you need to be ready for what’s next. 

Date: 24 Sept 2020 

Learn more about Google Analytics for Firebase and how it integrates with App+Web properties. This session will cover the main features and basic concepts for implementation.


Date: 14 May 2020 

 BigQuery is the key element for most of the C4M use cases. In this episode, we will have a closer look into GA360 BigQuery export. Join us to learn about GA360's raw data export, how to set it up and leverage it for business use cases.  



2019 Google Analytics 360 ON AIR

Date: 12 December 2019 

Introducing the benefits of using a Tag Management solution. We will cover basic terminology within the platform and demonstrate how to easily navigate and use Google Marketing Platform, plus a brief intro into custom tagging, as well premium features.

Speakers: Dikla Blum and Madhu B (GA360 Account Managers).


Date: 26 November 2019 

Join us for the second session focusing on App + Web properties. In this session we'll go over the tracking setup process and have a closer look at the reports that are available in the platform.

Speakers: Andy Ptasinski and Nikolett Csóka (GA360 Account Managers).

Date: 7 November 2019 

Learn the main features and controls of an Analytics report. Discover the top reports that will change how you view your business: Insights from Google Analytics 360.

Speakers: John Doyle and Liliia Kniaz (Platforms Account Managers).

Date: 10 October 2019 

Engage your website visitors like never before. Test different variations of your website and then tailor it to deliver a personalized experience that works for each customer and for your business. Join us to learn about Google Optimize and which site experiences engage and delight your customers and gives you the solutions you need to deliver them.

Speakers: Nicolas Toppo and Liliia Kniaz (Platforms Account Managers).

Date: 24 September 2019 

Tune in to learn more about Google Analytics for Firebase and how it integrates into the newly announced App+Web properties. We’ll go over the main features of both products, showcase some of their powerful capabilities and have a look at what’s on the roadmap in the future. 

Speakers: Andy Ptasinski and Nikolett Csoka (GA360 Tech Managers).  

Date: 18 July 2019 

This is part 2 of our Audience strategy series where we will dive into advanced techniques to help you become a Customer-Led marketer. Learn how to leverage the power of Machine Learning and Advanced Analysis in audience building.

  • Review of Last Session
  • The Power of ML and Advanced Analysis in audience building
  • CRM remarketing through Google Analytics 360
  • Optimize as Audience Destination
  • Rituals Case Study
  • Q&A 

Speakers: John Doyle and Giuseppe Brofferio (GA360 Tech Managers).

Date: 27 June 2019 

Find out how you can become a better data driven marketer with Analytics 360 audiences. We'll step you through Audience set up, share use cases for enriching your on-site audiences with CRM data, and highlight how your Audiences can be shared across the Google Marketing Platform.

  • Google Marketing Platform - Audiences Activation Overview
  • Audiences - Analytics 360 Narrative
  • Best Practices - Tools, Support Available & Limitations
  • Q&A

Speakers: Brett Cella (GA360 Technical Lead) and Nicolas Toppo (GA360 Technical Lead). 

Date: 29 May 2019

This is part 2 of our series on healthy setup in Google Analytics to learn about how you can better understand your on-site behaviour, based on the most accurate data.

  • Google Analytics Account Health
  • Account Settings Implementation
  • Usage Implementation
  • Data Accuracy Implementation
  • Q&A

Speakers: Áurea Nogués  (GA360 Account Manager) and Nicolas Toppo (GA360 Technical Lead).  

Date: 16 May 2019

Learn the basics of a what a healthy Analytics 360 setup looks like, including how Google Signals can provide a holistic view of how users interact with an online property from multiple browsers and multiple devices.

  • Google Analytics Account Health
  • What are Google Signals
  • How to activate Google Signals
  • How Google Signals can be used
  • Q&A

Speakers: Lialia Kniaz (GA360 Account Manager) and Anna Rogozina (GA360 Measurement Solutions Consultant).