Display & Video 360 Practical Videos

Discover top tips to help you manage your DV360 buys for performance, pacing and brand safety at scale as well as navigate through creative approvals and activate helpful automated alerts while operating in a resource-constrained, low-bandwidth environment.

Learn about campaign setup, best practices, and other helpful tips in running your TrueView for Action campaign in Display & Video 360.

A step by step guide on how to troubleshoot the main GDPR-related issues in Display Video 360 and Campaign Manager hosted creatives. Related Help Center sections are also provided. 

Learn about bidding automation in Display & Video 360 and how to improve campaign performance and save campaign management time thanks to our powerful machine learning algorithms.

Display & Video 360 Creative Module will allow you to create high impact and data driven creatives. Discover how easy is to set it up in the platform and take your creative strategy to the next level. 

Structured Data Files can aid to improve the efficiency with which customers create and optimize their DV360 campaigns. You will save time and resources by automating processes through the usage of csv files and in-UI upload workflows. 

Search Ads 360 Practical Videos

This video shows you how to connect, transform, visualize and share your Search Ads 360 data effectively using Data Studio. In under 12 minutes we cover how to create a data source, manage viewer rights, use and modify a report template and create conditional custom fields.

In this video we will have a step by step implementation guide for budget management & budget bid strategy in Search Ads 360. Budget management incorporates planning, budgeting, and reporting tasks into Search Ads 360 to help you seamlessly manage spend and understand your campaigns’ success, removing the need to export the data to spreadsheets. Begin managing your advertising spend in Search Ads 360 by first organizing campaigns into budget groups. Then, create a budget plan to define how much you want to spend in a specific time period.

Thanks to this practical guide you will be able to review in detail how in Search Ads 360, a formula column applies spreadsheet-like functions to data from existing Search Ads 360 columns. You can add formula columns to Search Ads 360 reports, create bid strategies that optimize to the formula, or use them in other formula columns. 

In this video we will have a step by step implementation guide for Data Driven Attribution (DDA) in Search Ads 360. Remember that DDA analyzes interactions in your campaigns and creates a model for distributing conversion credit based on where an interaction occurs in a conversion path. Then DDA applies the model to the conversions in your advertiser, so you can see a more accurate picture of how clicks on keywords and other biddable items lead to conversions.

Google Analytics 360 Practical Videos

Discover how to link your GMP Advertising Platforms to Google Analytics 360 and get an insight into all the benefits of this integration for your business. You will then have enriched 1st party data, enhanced audience targeting and cross channel attribution.

Learn how to build your own audiences on your 1st party data with ease and how to share them across the GMP Advertising Platforms.

Leverage the power of Machine Learning in Google Analytics 360 with enhanced reports to showcase the likelihood of your browsers converting to customers.

Get an insight into our new enhanced reporting tool to learn how to analyze your users with ease and turn this into actionable insights through the creation of audiences and segments directly from the reports.