2020 Search Ads 360 ON AIR

Date: 29 October 2020

Big Query and Search Ads 360 enable marketers to transform their organization with smarter data. In this episode, we will have a closer look into how this integration works, use cases and demos that will inspire you to explore this integration further. Join us to learn more!

Date: 10 September 2020

This retail peak will be unlike any before, so join us to make sure you're in the know of all the tools, features and levers you have in SA360 to effectively maximise your performance this holiday season.

Date: 18 June 2020

Learn how to value and drive an Omni-Channel strategy in Search Ads 360 to win these customers in an increasingly competitive environment.

Date: 28 May 2020

This special edition is presented by Bryan Finck (SA360 Product Manager) and Joost Arnoudt (SA360 Global Product Lead). Join us to learn how Inventory Management in SA360 allows you to take advantage of a feed to automate search campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and sitelinks.This will be a broadcast session which was previously recorded and we will add our Q&A specific section for your questions!

Date: 07 May 2020

Join us to learn in more detail the different approaches that Search Ads 360 offers you to optimise towards Profit and Life Time Value. We will take you through the steps to get started and move towards an advanced approach to automation in Search Ads 360.

Date: 14 April 2020

We all spend a lot of time and effort planning for the future. We want to find out how to split our investment across lines of business or how best to add an extra investment mid month to get the best return? Come and Learn how our forecasting and Scenario Planning tools make budget management easier and timely.

Date: 13 February 2020

Join us in a session where we will review the latest developments on Auction Time bidding such as advertiser level warm up, default conversion goal, ROI for adgroups and more! 

2019 Search Ads 360 ON AIR

Date: 10th December 2019

Watch the final Search Ads 360 livestream of the year and learn how the GMP On Air Series will help you with your 2020 planning.

Speakers: Erik Maita and Elvira Sarieva-Griffin (SA360 Account Managers).

Date: 14th November 2019

Parallel tracking is a technique some search engines use to enable landing pages to load more quickly while still allowing external tracking systems such as Search Ads 360 to measure clicks and conversions. When a customer clicks your ad, the engine sends the customer directly to your landing page while simultaneously sending a request to the ad's tracking URL. During the livestream you will learn all about how you can get started with Microsoft Parallel Tracking.

Speakers: Sebastian Först (SA360 Account Manager) and Alejandro Baeza Redondo (SA360 Tech Specialist).

Date: 22nd October 2019

Have you ever wondered about the possibilities of data integration between Search Ads 360 and the rest of the GMP products? Join us for this session where we will discuss how data pipelines work and understand which are the key points to keep in mind while designing your Search Ads 360 architecture.

Speakers: Swann Leal and Guillaume Wibaux (SA360 Tech Specialists).

Date: 26th September 2019

The countdown to the Holiday Season 2019 has begun! Thanks to our latest Search Ads 360 new features we developed a new guideline for 2019! Search Ads 360 offers you the tools to maximise performance during the key retail period, save administrative hours through automated workflows, and leverage powerful reporting to uncover insights. Join us for this session so that you are fully prepared ahead of the holiday period across all your Search Marketing efforts.  

Speakers: Joana Cabral (SA360 Sales Specialist) and Tanya Kaza (GMP Tech Account Manager).

Date: 10th September 2019

In this session, we will take you through the best practices for automating your Search Ads 360 account. We will focus on automation and deep dive into newly launched features within Auction Time Bidding. 

  • Automation Strategies Roadmap [With focus on auction time bidding]
  • New! Bid Strategy Overview Metrics

Speakers: Leshiya Kamboj and Jose Paris (GMP Tech Managers).

Date: 4th July 2019

Learn how Data-driven attribution (DDA) can help you assign credit accurately to each touch point in your customer journey, and how ultimately you can maximize value by bidding to DDA in Search Ads 360.

  • Introduction to Attribution
  • DDA Model creation
  • Reporting using a DDA Model
  • DDA Bid Optimization
  • Common DDA Concerns
  • Recent Product Updates
  • Testing Q&A

Speakers: James Kennedy and Constantin Poetz (GMP Tech Managers).

Date: 13 June 2019

Learn how to create, update, and experiment with ad copies across multiple engine accounts from a single configuration. Customise your ad text in each ad group using dynamic feeds to show the right message to the right user.

  • Business Data (Use Cases, Implementation Steps)
  • Ad Builder (Use Cases, Implementation Steps)
  • Q&A

Speakers: Francois Colavecchio (SA360 Technical Specialist) and Eliott Da Encarnacao (GMP Tech Manager).

Date: 25 April 2019

If you're engaging audiences through social, search, and display ads, it's possible that all three channels contribute to conversions on your site. Don’t miss this session to learn more about importing social performance and engagement metrics into Search Ads 360 - for insight into the complete cross-channel conversion funnel, starting with impressions and clicks and ending with conversions on your site.

  • Why Social by Search Ads 360?
  • Getting Started
  • Cross-Channel Remarketing
  • Q&A

Speakers: Raffaella Angelelli (GMP Partner Manager) and Francis Houghton (Search Ads 360 Technical Specialist).

Date: 9 May 2019

Learn about how to measure & bid towards data that matters the most to your business! Leverage Search Ads 360 to measure & bid towards input such as Lifetime value, profit & omni-channel revenue.

  • What is Life Time Value & Why is it Important?
  • Calculating Life Time Value
  • Bring Life Time Value into Search Ads 360
  • Bid Optimizing
  • Key takeaways & Live Questions

Speakers: Damian Starek, Pia Kramer & Tetsuo Konno (GMP Tech Managers).

Watch this livestream to learn more about Search Ads 360 latest announcements and take a closer look at some of our most exciting product releases. We will be joined by our very own Group Product Manager, Bashar Kachachi.  

Speakers: Bashar Kachachi (Group Product Manager) and Shirin Eghtesadi (Global Product Lead).

2018 Search Ads 360 ON AIR

Audiences are at the very heart of an optimized, user oriented and successful search engine advertising strategy. Leverage your media audience strategy in Search Ads 360 by combining it with the most advanced optimization features. In this livestream, you will learn the way audiences help you map the entire conversion journey of your users, the types of audiences you can use through Search Ads 360, and how you can drive success by empowering their reach with Search Ads 360 automation features.  

Spending a specific budget in a given timeframe and spending it in the most optimal way may pose a challenge for many advertisers. 

 During this livestream we will show you what tools are available in Search Ads 360 to help you keep track of spend as well as automate bid management to help you achieve your budget and performance goals. We will discuss best practices in setting up budget bid strategies and show you a real life demo to make sure that after the livestream you’ll be fully equipped to successfully launch your own budget bid strategies.

On October the 30th, Google Ads will enforce all accounts to use Parallel Tracking. With Parallel tracking, users will be redirected to the final URL directly after clicking on an ad from Google.com. Intermediate URLs, including the Search Ads 360 clickserver, would be pinged asynchronously. While standard click tracking is unaffected, features dependent on the Search Ads 360 clickserver modifying the final URL will no longer function. During this session we will be covering how to get Search Ads 360 ready to be compatible with Parallel Tracking.  

In the second episode dedicated to Data Driven Attribution in Search Ads 360, we will take a closer look at the more advanced topics.  

Attribution reports can give you detailed information about the paths that lead people to conversions for your business. In this session our product experts will walk you through how DDA reports can give you a better sense of your potential customers' conversion paths than just looking at the last-clicked keyword.  

The countdown to the Holiday Season 2018 has begun! Search Ads 360 offers you the tools to maximise performance during the key retail period, save administrative hours through automated workflows, and leverage powerful reporting to uncover insights. Join us for this session so that you are fully prepared ahead of the holiday period across all your Search Marketing efforts.  

In order to understand the true value of each of Search click, you need an attribution model that better reflects the new fragmented mobile-first consumer journey. Join our session to learn how Data-driven attribution (DDA) in Search Ads 360 can help you better understand the value of each ad click throughout your customer’s journey.  

For companies whose business revolves around a large dynamic inventory, the challenge of constantly adapting search campaigns to these inventory changes can be enormous.  

Join us to take a closer look at how Inventory Management in Search Ads 360 can use data from an inventory feed to generate & automatically update highly targeted campaigns. Discover how to save time spent on constantly creating keywords or updating ads so you can better focus on optimization and strategy.  

In the second episode dedicated to auto bidding solutions, we will take a closer look at the more advanced capabilities offered by the DS bidding suite and deep dive into optimisation tips that are relevant to your business.  

We will be joined by one of our very own product specialists making this a very actionable and practical session with plenty of examples and use cases.  

Join us for an exclusive look into the essentials of autobidding solutions offered by DoubleClick Search. In this episode of DoubleClick Search on Air, we will review the basics of new bid strategy set up, share best practices and review solutions to the most commonly encountered challenges.