Rapid Response Sprint

Discover how to prototype and test high potential opportunities in your direct to consumer reader revenue models through this intensive one week design sprint. Days 1 to 4 are spent in intensive workshops, designing and building a prototype to test. At the end of Day 4 we launch the product and test it with your customers with a combination of qualitative (customer interviews) and quantitative methods where applicable (e.g. smoke test). We regroup for 1 day the following week to examine the results and agree next steps. 

Participants will benefit from:

  • Creating a prototype and receiving real customer reactions to it
  • Gaining buy-in from key team members on which high risk assumptions to explore further
  • Taking back to their teams the experience and learnings of a tangible problem-solving process to continue applying

The programme is fully funded by Google with no financial commitment required from participants.  

When is it?

  • Week commencing 2nd November (Days required - 2nd Nov, 3rd Nov, 4th Nov, 5th Nov & 13th Nov)
  • Week commencing 16th November (Days required - 16th Nov, 17th Nov, 18th Nov, 19th Nov & 27th Nov)
  • Week commencing 30th November (Days required - 30th Nov, 1st Dec, 2nd Dec, 3rd Dec & 11th Dec)

Labs are only available in English

Applications due by 16th October

Who’s it for?

This lab is for publishers who have a reasonable stream of digital reader revenue, and will be thinking about how to optimise & experiment. We encourage between 4-5 participants per publisher to take part. The team should consist of people with the following skill sets: 

  • A member from product management who understands the needs of the customer and/or leads on the digital build
  • A member from technology who understands the capabilities of what can be built using the publisher’s existing infrastructure
  • A member from the editorial team
  • A member from design (where applicable) who can create basic prototypes in tools like Google Suite, Sketch, HTML, newsletter templating or landing page tools 

In addition, we encourage the participation of a limited number of other roles for a small length of time on day 1, including marketing, sales, analytics, customer research and customer service (where these exist within your organisation).


Eligible publishers need to have a focus on core news provision. Sub-verticals that would be included: Politics, Local/Country/World events, Business, Technology, Health, Science.

Companies that solely provide entertainment content (lifestyle, celebrity, sports, fashion) or B2B information (trade, marketing) are not eligible.