Ads Strategy

Advertising Revenue

Duration 45 mins · Topics 2

Advertising Revenue

As the world of ads continues to evolve it’s as important as ever to know you are using the latest technologies and optimising your performance. These sessions cover the basics from native advertising to programmatic strategies. 

Who’s it for

Workshops are designed for publishers who are taking their first steps in the digital world. They may be starting to explore digital offerings or creating digital content for the first time.

Eligible publishers need to have a focus on core news provision. Sub-verticals that would be included: Politics, Local/Country/World events, Business, Technology, Health, Science.


Establishing Your Advertising Strategy

01 December · 10:00

45 mins • Webinar

Discover how to turn website views into income, establish your digital advertising strategy and understand how to use AdSense.

The session will cover:

  • How to set up your own AdSense profile and explore ad strategy via the strategy checklist.
  • An introduction to the AdSense interface and explore some relevant types of adverts for your organisation.
  • Different types of adverts available and look at the ad experience report.

Optimising Ad Revenue

01 December · 11:00

45 mins • Webinar

Find out which ad types might work best for your website and learn how to forecast your revenue flow.

The session will cover:

  • Ways to structure your web pages to increase advertising impact.
  • How to use the viewability toolkit to help increase online ad views.
  • An overview of what programmatic advertising is.



Online Tools & Resources

Access tools and resources to give context and familiarise yourself with the fundamentals before taking part in the workshops. This is optional and not essential, but you might find it helpful.