Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Duration 45 mins · Topics

Business Strategy

As the publishing landscape changes, more businesses are looking to adapt and grow their presence online. These sessions have been designed to help news publishers and journalists develop a future-proof business strategy and meet critical, digital challenges facing their industry.

Who's it for

Workshops are designed for publishers who are taking their first steps in the digital world. They may be starting to explore digital offerings or creating digital content for the first time.

Eligible publishers need to have a focus on core news provision. Sub-verticals that would be included: Politics, Local/Country/World events, Business, Technology, Health, Science.

Growing Your Readership

24 November · 10:00

45 mins • Webinar

Analyse changing consumer behaviours, discover ways to grow your readership online and grow loyal followers.

The session will cover:

  • Ways to maintain loyal readers as reader behaviour changes over time.
  • Suggestions on how to become more relevant to you readers.
  • How to create a user journey map to help understand who your future readers are and what you could offer them. 

GNI Live 3.0 Africa Verification

21 December · 10:00

45 mins • Webinar

Tools to help reporters fight against misinformation and disinformation, by helping journalists identify modified images, altered video and debunk rumours.

Online tools

Online Tools & Resources

Access additional tools and resources to help give context and familiarise yourself with some of the fundamentals before taking part in the workshops. This is optional and not essential, but you may find it helpful.