Going beyond Data Science

June 3, 2017 13:45 - 17:30

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Blk 70, Pasir Panjang Rd, Mapletree Business City, Singapore, Singapore

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"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine."

- Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President, Gartner Research.

We invite you to join Googlers in an interactive discussion around Google's products for Data Scientists and also tools to build next generation products that utilize and derive intelligence from data.

This is also a great opportunity to connect and network with Googlers get questions answered and give them feedback.

Who Should Attend

Data Scientists and Data Engineers who build data streams and pipelines to process large influx of data effectively.

Data Analysts who crunch and digest data to derive intelligence and insights.

Scientists, R&D Professionals and Engineers who're keen to advance their understanding of this subject.

Sessions are highly technical; this is not a beginner session.

When & Where

Sat Jun 3rd, 13:45 Hrs
Singapore, Sg

 Agenda & Sessions


Juancheng Rong

Technology Manager, Mobile, Google APAC

Analytics to Custom Dashboards

In this talk, we will do a deep-dive of getting deep into the data you’ve collected over years. We will use tools like BigQuery and Data Studio to store, query large analytics data-sets and create visualizations using Data Studio.

Mete Atamel

Developer Advocate, Google UK

Apache Beam and Google Cloud DataFlow

In this session, we will take a look at the history of massive-scale data processing at Google and how it has evolved over the years. We will learn about Apache Beam, an open source programming model unifying batch and stream processing and see how Apache Beam pipelines can be executed in Google Cloud Dataflow, a fully-managed cloud service for batch and stream data processing.

Gaurav Anand

Solutions Engineer, Google SG

Moving Spark and Hadoop Workloads to GCP

In this session, we will learn about Hadoop & Spark Ecosystem on Google Cloud Platform , how to plan a POC for migration to Google Cloud Platform and best tips and practices around managing Dataproc cluster.

We will also run through a demo of Cloud Dataprep.

Guillaume LaForge, Developer Advocate, Google France

Building ChatBots with api.ai, Cloud Functions and the Google Assistant

In this session, we’ll learn more about the concepts behind chatbots, the progress that technology has made on machine-learning, and more concretely, how you’ll be able to create & design your own chatbots using Google’s API.AI agent platform and Cloud Functions for implementing the business logic required by your bot.


Sam Witteveen and Martin Andrews,

Singapore TensorFlow & Deep Learning Meetup organizers

Adding Deep Learning to your Pipeline with TensorFlow


The field of Deep Learning is advancing rapidly, and many are wondering how it can benefit their businesses.

In this session, we will explain which classes of problem are appropriate for Deep Learning approaches, and how TensorFlow can enable you to integrate Deep Learning models into your workflow.

We will also look at a concrete example - showing some of the best practices for building a model that can be used in real world situations.