Google Academy: Drive Action with Video

You’re invited to join Google experts at Google Academy: Drive action with Video. Discover how YouTube harnesses the precision of search backed by the power of video to drive performance for your clients. Discover the best practices for driving performance with your creative, and how to optimize and measure your activity correctly. You will leave with a full understanding of the new and improved features and be fully prepared to handle and overcome objections. This interactive training is a unique opportunity to meet a Google product expert, grow your product knowledge, and network with your peers.

Who is this for?

Regardless of your initial experience level with Youtube, you’ll leave this session with a brand new perspective on its impact as a performance solution. Build a YouTube advertising strategy, learn how to craft the best creatives for video, implement using best practices and measure performance.

This session is ideal for experienced digital account managers and strategists with Google Ads, and includes hands-on training with Google product experts, peer networking, and a Q&A session to address all of your questions. You can find the full event agenda on our website.

What You'll Learn

  • Why video? – Learn how YouTube can help you achieve any marketing goal for your clients. Learn about the right solutions for Awareness, consideration and dive even deeper to the solutions that will help you drive action with YouTube.

  • Drive action with video creative best practices – Learn how to create successful and effective video ads for YouTube, as we share tips on how to design creative that captures the attention of your audience. You’ll also learn how to edit your creative for mobile devices, as we share the top performing YouTube ads structures, along with tools to help you create video ads that drive performance.

  • Setting up for success – Learn about new and improved YouTube audience types, new ad formats, and how to optimize campaigns. Optimize for better performance with Smart Bidding, and discover how to measure the full value of YouTube campaigns. After this session, you’ll be set up for success with YouTube for Action.

  • Creative Best Practices - We’ll share best practices, tips and and tools to create ads that hook your audience’s attention and drive action.

Be sure to register by to reserve your spot. Keep in mind that capacity is limited, and most events will have waitlists.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone at your agency --all practitioners with 1+ years of experience are welcome to attend Google Academy trainings. 

When and where

March 3 | 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Alt Hotel Montreal |120 Peel St, Montreal, Quebec H3C 0L8