Prepare for a successful hackathon season with Google Cloud hands-on workshops

This year Google Cloud is partnering with hackathons to prepare students and the hacker community to build projects with new cloud skills. Each month Google Cloud will provide a series of hands-on workshops featuring specific Google Cloud products and services to bring a new level of creativity and depth to your next hackathon project.

  • Jumpstart your hackathon season with Thursday hands-on workshop events
  • Experience Google Cloud tools curated to help you build your hackathon projects
  • Strengthen your skills by connecting with Google Engineers and fellow students

RSVP for a Thursday workshop here.


Category Challenge

  • Best Use of Google Cloud
    • Use any Google Cloud product, including Firebase, and submit.
    • Category is for all skill levels and use-levels.
    • Prizes may include, and are dependent upon shipping needs:
      • Google Cloud-branded backpack
      • Speciality Google Cloud swag box
      • Mentor meeting and post-event access to the Google Cloud Skills Boost learning platform