Join Seneca Sustainability Hackathon and Google Cloud.

Thursday, February 24th

Build a Website on Google Cloud

Join Google Software Engineer Rayan Dasoriya for a hands-on workshop and learn more about using Google Cloud to build your dynamic website, including how to:

  1. Deploy a website on Cloud Run.
  2. Host a web app on Compute Engine.
  3. Create, deploy, and scale your website on Google Kubernetes Engine.
  4. Migrate from a monolithic application to a microservices architecture.
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From Industrial Revolution To Sustainable Planet

A hackathon is a problem-solving competition in which a diverse group of people form a team and decide to collaborate intensively to develop solutions to given problems or “challenge sets”. A cause hackathon, such as this Sustainability hackathon, is an event focussed on increasing awareness of global causes and providing avenues for participation to become engaged and involved in making the world a better place.